Bloodhawk Regiment

Sometimes simply called the 'Bloodhawks,' the Bloodhawk Regiment is an elite mercenary unit of infantry and cavalry with a fearsome reputation for both its battlefield prowess and its wanton cruelty.

The regiment is comprised entirely of Vilzari warriors, equipped with two-handed swords and black, spike-covered, armor. The cavalry companies of this unit are some of the best on Corwyn. The Bloodhawk Regiment is based in a remote desert stronghold, deep within the Sea of Sand. The current strength of the regiment is 2,000 troops.

Small detachments of Bloodhawks are employed by the Warlocks of the Arcanum, evil nobles, dark priestly orders, and other sinister forces. Some Bloodhawks have even served un-dead creatures as day-guards.

The unit’s insignia is a stylized red bird on a black field.