Bloodstone Pass; Player Introduction

Many centuries ago, the dwarves of Corwyn conquered the Frostcrown Mountains. Under those massive peaks, they constructed Krone Feyr, the greatest dwarven city ever seen on Corwyn. The city became immensely wealthy after rich deposits of Bloodstones were discovered in the mines below the city. Alas, the wealth and success of the dwarves drew the attention of their goblin enemies, who began to plot against them.

In the year 1078 of the Fourth Age, the goblins invaded and conquered the city. Most of the dwarves were slain, and the few who survived were forced to flee. One of those survivors was a dwarven smith named Durgeddin, who swore an oath to build a new stronghold and use it to forge weapons which would one day take back his beloved city.

Sadly, yet another tragedy overtook Durgeddin when his stronghold fell to his goblin enemies and its location was lost to the mists of time. Now, rumors have begun that Durgeddin’s Hall has once again been found, and the ancient dream of re-taking it has been reborn! Moreover, the dwarves believe that its vast forges could one day be used to arm the dwarves and allow them to recover their beloved city of Krone Feyr.

One of you has been contacted by a dwarf named Modran, who claims to have a clue to solve the mystery of Durgeddin’s hidden stronghold. All of you have your own reasons for going on this adventure, whether you a share the dwarven dream of revenge, or simply possess a desire for fame, fortune, and glory!

Party Composition
For this adventure, it is recommended that your party contain at least one spell-caster and one dwarf. You can play any basic class in the Pathfinder Rulebook, with two exceptions; No gnomes and no dwarven wizards are allowed.