Bloodstone Pass; The Story

The Story of Garlen and Garvin
After much coaxing, the two young teenagers tell you their tale. Both are from the town of Ansilay, located in the Ansilay Valley; home to the famous Ansilay Pass that cuts through the immense Frostcrown Mountain range.

The Passage, which was once an important trade route, has become less used and the Freehold of Trevalia that controls the valley; has fallen on hard times. The valley is plagued by constant raids from Bandits. These raids have become so frequent, merchant caravans have stopped almost entirely.

The bandits seem to have some mysterious leader. Little is known of this strange, powerful figure,who has built a powerful bandit-army deep in the Mountains. His name is never mentioned, but the threat of his army is feared throughout the region. The small Freehold of Trevalia, fell under his sway a few years ago, and its people have been bled white-paying a terrible annual tribute in food, money, and slaves.

Some of the people in Trevalia, fearing the consequences of rebellion, have counseled submission to external fate, feeling that the life of humankind is always hard. But a few, a brave few, feel the fate of the village can yet be altered. And so we have come down from the mountains to seek heroes.

Heroes to defend the Freehold against aggression. Heroes to liberate the peasants from their oppressive yoke. Heroes like… yourselves…..