The Borderlands

The Borderlands is the easternmost geographic region of the West, which serves as a buffer zone against Morgoth.

The Borderlands stretch west from the base of the Saugreth-Muir Mountain range to the eastern banks of the enormous River Cyr. The region also stretches south from the Archerwood Forest and the Amari River to the northern tip of the marshlands of Braven's Moor. The Borderlands contains no major political divisions, only twelve Baronies, the Freeholds of Archer’s Vale and Shadowbend, as well as dozens of other scattered settlements of men and elves.

Once known as the Ravinian province of Easthold, the region is now under the general protection of the kingdom of Alveron, which garrisons a dozen keeps throughout the Saugreth-Muir and along the East Road, which runs between the city of Alenthas and the Salkröth. There are three major woodlands of the Borderlands region; the Archerwood to the north, the Bramblethorn Forest in the center, and the Shambling Wood to the south. There are several marshy areas as well, the largest being Braven’s Moor.

The peoples of this region are known collectively as "Tweeners." In addition to the Rynnish population, there are a large minority of the Korghani that dwell here, and their villages dot the Borderlands. Most Korghani caravans originate from here as well.