King Briand Natharë II
Reign: 1230/6–present
Coronation: 7 Thaumont 1230/6
Predecessor: King Morland
Heir apparent: Prince Durand
Spouse: Queen Jezebel
Issue: Durand
Issue: Moriah
House: Natharë Dynasty
Born: 16 Nieumont 1215/6
Religion: Neutral

(LE 8th level aristocrat\6th level fighter) Current monarch of the Kingdom of Marundi and eleventh ruler of his line. King Briand is a petty, dangerous man; full of anger over his father and brothers' death at the hands of the Hüornen in 1230/6 at the Battle of the Frozen Ford. He has ordered numerous bloody raids against the northern barbarians and is truly hated in the Northern Wastes. Briand is the cousin of Duke Gerard Natharë of Derilath.