King Briand Norax II
Reign: 1238/6–present
Coronation: 7 Thaumont 1230/6
Predecessor: King Morland
Heir apparent: Prince Durand
Spouse: Queen Jezebel
Issue: Durand
Issue: Moriah
House: Norax Dynasty
Born: 16 Nieumont 1215/6
Religion: Neutral
Briand Norax II is the current ruler of the Thaldain Kingdom of Marundi.

King Briand is petty, ruthless, and cruel; full of anger and bitterness over his brother's death at the hands of the Sköda in 1238/6, during the Battle of the Frozen Ford.

As the eleventh monarch from the infamous Norax Dynasty, Briand assumed the Bearclaw Throne when he was only fifteen years old, and since that time has been a violent ill-tempered leader, who is greatly feared by both his subjects and neighbors.

For several years, Briand has ordered numerous bloody raids against the northern barbarian tribes. As a result, he is a bitterly hated figure throughout the Northern Wastes.

King Briand is also first cousin to Duke Gerard Norax, and uses his cousin as his political enforcer at the Royal Court in Derilath.

The King rarely trusts anyone from outside his family, so he uses his cousin, Lady Argentea Norax as his diplomatic envoy.