(pop: 8,500) Brindol is the largest human city in Elsir Vale and the capital of a independent Barony of the same name.

Most folk in Barrens agree that the city of Brindol is the "Heart of the Vale." Merchants come from all over the region to do business inside the walls of this river-side city. Not only is Brindol a hub of commerce, but it has historical import as well; for it was here that the survivors of the fallen Freehold of Rhestin re-settled once their great city of Rhest was lost.

The Barony of Brindol and its capitol city are ruled by Baron Kerden Jarmaath, but there is also an advisory council, two thirds of whom are hereditary landlords and the remainder of whom are guild masters from the city's important trade guilds. The city has 250 professional soldiers under arms at all times, with about one-quarter on duty at any given time. If need arises, the city can also call up a force of 500 lightly-equipped, poorly trained militia.

As the largest settlement in the region, the Barony has long taken on the role of the de facto ruler-ship of Elsir Vale

Brindol is well known for its production of fine wines and cheeses. The countryside to the North yields olives and grapes, and along the river, are many apple orchards. The southern regions of the barony are rich with grain and wheat.

Merchant caravans come to Brindol three or four times a year, bringing with them rare goods, collected throughout the year.


Brindol was founded several hundred years ago by the survivors of the fallen Freehold of Rhestin, who were forced to abandon their city of Rhest and flee south when the region was encroached by the marshes of the Blackfens.