Brodert Quink

Called the 'Old Quirk' by most locals; Brodert is an elderly, balding man with a long white beard and spectacles, who is quite a character around Sandpoint.

As a scholar, Brodert served for many years in the Royal Archives at Wyn Falas, before moving here six years ago to study the ruins of the "Old Light" and the history of the region.

Brodert considers himself an expert in old Iskari lore, and loves to tell stories about the ancient Iskari Empire of Iskandar. He has several controversial theories about both the Old Light and the lost Iskari Empire. Most other local sages strongly disagree with his theories; and because of them, he has become somewhat of a pariah.

No one questions that Brodert is extremely intelligent. He speaks a dozen languages, cavorts with elvish and dwarvish visitors, and spends most of his time in his home, going over his vast collections of scrolls and parchments.

Brodert's closest companion is Azonia; a large tabby named for an ancient Iskari empress.

Recent Developments:

Brodert, upon seeing the red, stone statue retrieved from the catacombs below Sandpoint, revealed that statue depicted Alaznist. Brodert said it confirmed his theory about followers of the seven Runelords surviving Skyfall and coming over to Corwyn.

Brodert revealed to the party, he believes the "Old Light" was actually built with the secrets of the Old Empire, and that the ruins located in Sandpint have some significance, although he doesn't know what that is. Brodert found an inscription on the stone foundations of the Old Light. the inscription is in Iskamaic, and says one word: "Kal-Shar"

Brodert also showed the party an ancient tome that is the basis of all his theories: "The Journal of Telios DeLorca." That book revealed that a wizard named Rorskan; who was an apprentice of Karzoug, was later seen by DeLorca alive on Corwyn. Brodert strongly believes that the Runelords foresaw the "Doom," and made advance preparations to survive. Brodert has theorized that the Runelords' plans included going into a deep hibernation, then sending their agents to Corwyn to prepare an elaborate magical ceremony to "awaken" them at a later time.