Bröna Del Vecchio

Queen Bröna Del Vecchio was the founder of the early Thannish Kingdom of Valdor.

Bröna Del Vecchio grew up as a member of a noble House of Valenta. She married Valden Del Vecchio, the eldest son of Duke Rygas of Dureth. When he was murdered by rival nobles, she took it upon herself to avenge his death and destroyed all those responsible. During her quest for vengeance, she proved herself to be a skilled warrior, slaying many of her enemies.

After a series of military victories, She proclaimed herself the first Queen of a new realm named for her late husband; "Valdor." Her son, Brüenor took the throne of Valdor upon her death, and thus began the Del Vecchio Dynasty.

Throughout her life, Bröna kept a pet tiger named Nala as her companion. Her coat of arms was a tiger upon an orange field.