Duke Brüenor Erwald

Brüenor Erwald is a powerful Thannish nobleman who currently rules both the Eldaran seaport of Sathay and the Duchy of Zharayne.

House Erwald

The Erwald family traces its lineage back to the earliest days of Eldara. Lord Hagen Erwald; the first patriarch of the family was a loyal vassal to King Eldan Durethë, and served him well against Rhodara in the Twilight War. As a reward for his courage and undivided loyalty, the Erwalds were granted large estates in southern Eldara.

Over the centuries, the Erwald holdings increased incrementally; peaking about 400 years ago, when the family was granted ruler-ship over the entire city of Sathay and its surrounding territory. Today, the Erwald family is considered one of the most powerful Eldaran noble houses in the Kingdom and many wonder if one day, an Erwald will sit on the Amethyst Throne.

Role in the War of Tears

In the year 1049/6, the Vilzari launched a surprise offensive against Eldara by both land and sea. The City of Sathay was besieged, and later fell to the Vilzari invaders. As many as half the population was slaughtered, and thousands more were carried onto Vilzari ships and sailed away to Vilzar. Lord Bertran Erwald was killed fighting for the city, and only by a miracle did his infant son Mycah escape unharmed.

Death of Aricela Erwald

At that time, Lord Bertran was married to Lady Aricela Irazadi; a niece of King Lazaro. When the stories broke about the sack of the city, and how his niece had been raped and murdered by the Vilzari invaders; the King's wrath was great. It is said, he muttered the words "Aricela is avenged," as he watched the Vilzari city of Eto burned to the grounds and its people massacred.