Cairn Hills

The Cairn Hills is a hilly, boulder-strewn region located in the Barrens, near Diamond Lake.

The Cairn Hills take their name from the dozens of "Cairns" or tombs spread throughout the region. The Hills are also quite remote, located over 100 miles from the Free City of Redmark

These once-sacred monuments to a long-forgotten battle were looted and pillaged long ago. Today, all that remains are grassy mounds, crumbling stones, and fireside stories about the ancient past. The most infamous of these tombs is the Whispering Cairn; itself a local attraction.

A typical Cairn is circular, with a stone base, covered in grass with a single stone entrance. Inside is a octagonal series of corridors, each containing a dozen crypts.

Today, the cairns are empty, the weapons, armor, and valuables of the corpses stolen long ago. Legends say that to loot one of these cairns results in a lifelong curse from angry spirits.

Nearby the cairn mounds is Pesh, the site of an ancient, epic battle which took place 5,000 years ago, during the War of Wrath.

Legend has it; the Cairns scattered across the region, hold fallen Vaati warriors who were slain during the battle. The Vaati were an ancient race of elemental beings.