Cairn Mountains (Skarlahn Mts)

The Cairn Mountains; also known as the "Skarlahn Mountains" or the "Redstone Mountains," are located on the eastern borders of the Kingdom of Serathyr

These steep, impenetrable mountains are sparsely populated by men and the few human settlements have little cohesion with one another. However, Kharos-Th√Ľngol; the thriving nation of the Red-Dwarves, is located within these southern mountains, as well as its capitol city of Skarlahn Feyr.

The Axeway runs across these mountains on its route between the Dwarf-city of Skarlahn Feyr and its intersection with the Olde Peninsula Road at the fortified town of Karameikos. The eastern foothills of these mountains are home to several small human communities, the largest of which is the freehold of Dorinvar.



In the ancient days of the Third Age, these mountains were populated by several human settlements which were ruled by the lost City-state of Asgamoth.

The people of Asgamoth considered the mountains sacred, and built several temples and shrines there, to honor their principle deity; Lehr.

It became a sacred tradition that every King and Queen of Asgamoth was buried high up in these mountains, in a series of elaborate tombs.

Asgamoth was destroyed in the Great Rift, but it's long-forgotten tombs remained. These tombs, or "Cairns," as they were called, gave this mountain range its name.