City-State of Caldera

(population: 7,630) Also called 'Nas'Krii' by the Eloysians and "Cauldron" by many of the local population.

This small city is literally built around a dormant volcano in the Hellfire Mountains in a northern region of Avokhar called the Rockdale. Originally a settlement of Olman tribes, and later settled by Eloysians, the city grew large and prosperous under the influence of Ralani colonists sailing south from the kingdom of Ralas on Corwyn, many of whom were trying to flee the War of the Celadon. The city was founded by Surabar the Spellmason, assisted by the Five Families. For a small city, Caldera has several temples; Berevrom, Etahr, Ator, and Nerydia.

The city is located near the Republic of Kendar on the continent of Avokhar, and is heavily influenced by that nation. Caldera also maintains relations with the much larger city of Sasserine, located nearby, along the coast of the Shining Sea. Caldera is currently ruled by Lord Severen Navalent

Nearby Sites:

The City of Caldera has four gates and is accessible via four different roads; The Rockdale Road to Sasserine, the Malachite Road to Kingfisher Hollow, the East Road to Hollow Sky, and the South Road to Redgorge.

Hollow-sky: This village is the smallest of the four human settlements in the Cauldron Region. With a population of 460, it barely qualifies as a village. The half-elf community of Starforest can be found here.

Redgorge: This village was the first human settlement in the area. Founded about 700 years ago, Redgorge was at one time a much larger settlement, but it never fully recovered from a demonic assault long ago. Redgorge sits in a narrow strip of flat ground between a cliff and an immense quarry of red pebble gravel. West of the village, a prodigious line of fortifications known as the Basalt Bastions protect the land, their massive walls unguarded and draped with vines. These fortifications, as impressive as Cauldron’s outer walls, tower over the village itself. They were built centuries ago by Surabar the Spellmason’s powerful spells in a single week, to aid in the defense of Redgorge against the denizens of the Demonskar. Today, Redgorge is a farming and mining village. The old Stonemasons District, where Surabar himself once dwelt, is visibly depopulated and most its buildings lie empty and in ruin.

Kingfisher Hollow: This large walled town, with its population of 2,500 souls, is the third largest settlement in the Rockdale Region, after Sasserine and Caldera. It’s also the primary location for the region’s plantations. The town is surrounded by fields of coffee, cotton and sugarcane.

Lucky Monkey Inn: This is a popular roadside tavern and inn on the Rockdale Road, located halfway between Sasserine and Cauldron. It also houses a shrine to Ethenghar.

City layout:
1-4. City gates
5. Town Hall
6. City Guard Barracks
7. Temple of Berevrom
8. Maavu Warehouses
9. Slippery Eel Tavern
10. Cusp of Sunrise
11. Maavu's Main Warehouse
12. Tygot's Old Things
13. Maavu Imports
14. Drunken Harlot Inn
15. Tipped Tankard Tavern
16. Garthun Imports
17. Skie's Treasury
18. Lantern Street Orphanage
19. Coy Nixie
20. Lakeside Pavilion
21. Vanderboren Estate
22. Merry Mermaid
23. Sure Foot Livery
24. Gurnezarn's Smithy
25. Temple of Etahr
26. Lord Mayor's Residence
27. Weer's Elixirs
28. The Brass Trumpet
29. Temple of Nerydia
30. Ghelve's Locks
31. Orak's Bathhouse
32. Bluecrater Academy
33. Temple of Ator
34. Azlaxin Estate
35. Westkey's Map Emporium
36. Rhivaldi Estate
37. Taskerhill Estate
38. Zanathor's Provisions
39. Lathenmire Manor