City-State of Caldera

Capital: Caldera
Total Population: 7,830
Human Population: 7,055 (75% Ralani, 21% Eloysians, 3% Vilzari, 1% other)
Demi-human Population: 775 (55% dwarves, 20% halflings, 20% elves, 5% gnomes)
Humanoids: in rural areas only, mostly gnolls and tasloi.
Government: City-State
Current Ruler: Lord-Governor Severan Navalent
Coat of Arms: purple sun on sky-blue field
Exports: obsidian, malachite, fruit, textiles, diamonds

Caldera; also called "Nas'Krii" by the Eloysians and "Cauldron" by many of its local population, is a small and crowded city built around a dormant volcano. It is located in the Rockdale region of Azoria, in the foothills of the Hellfire Mountains.


This overly cramped city is built in a perfectly circular shape, surrounded by 30-foot walls of meticulously crafted gray stone, which are flecked with polished green malachite.

There are four gates and several watchtowers spaced along the walls, but within them, the population is crammed into six concentric "rings" of buildings.

Because of the permeating smell of sulphur from the massive, volcanic lake in its center, Caldera's wealthier residents tend to live on the highest level or "ring," whereas its poorest dwell on the lowest levels.

Almost all of Caldera's structures are constructed with either clay bricks or wood, but all have stone foundations. Because of the limited space to hold the city's nearly 8,000 residents, almost all its buildings are four stories tall.

Caldera's major exports come primarily from two sources: mines and plantations; both of which are based in the hills and fields surrounding the city. Obsidian, malachite, and diamonds are the primary products mined in the region. The local plantations usually produce fruit, cotton, sugarcane, and coffee.

All nearby mines and fields are owned by local nobility and their profits have made Caldera's aristocracy extremely wealthy. Many city residents are merchants, scholars, or workers in those mines and plantations in the outlying areas.


Water is never scarce in town, but it must be regularly purified. Much of the city's food supplies, however, must be imported, since local fishing and farming are insufficient to adequately feed its population.

Caldera's nearest neighbors are the Republic of Kendar, which is located northeast of the city, and the city of Sasserine, located to the west, on the Wild Coast of the Shining Sea. Caldera engages in much trade with both its neighbors, so the roads to Caldera are crowded with merchant caravans.

Despite its relatively small size, Caldera has four major temples. These are dedicated to Berevrom; God of Truth, Etahr; God of Strength, Ator; God of the Sun, and Nerydia; Goddess of Magic.

Prominent Citizens

Alaric Tercival, Andros Taskerhill, Annah Taskerhill, Arlin Maavu, Celeste, Cora Lathenmire, Criswell, Davked Splintershield, Embryl Alustani, Felian Shard, Gretchen Stokeworth, Ileova Taskerhill, Jakob Rhivaldi, Jenya Urikas, Keygan Ghelve, Kristof Melec, Loren Vanderboren, Ochio Vhalantru, Ophelia Knowlern, Rhianon Rhivaldi, Saracem, Severan Navalent, Shensen, Skylar Krewlis, Terseon Skellerang, Thirifane Rhivaldi, Tobias Vanderboren, Zachariah Azlaxin, Zenith Splintershield, and Zoren Azlaxin


Nearby Locations

Hollow-sky: (pop: 460) this village is the smallest of the four human settlements in the Rockdale region. The elven community of Starforest can be found near here.

Kingfisher Hollow: (pop: 2,500) this large, walled town is the third largest settlement in the region and the primary location of Caldera's plantations. The town is surrounded by vast fields of coffee, cotton, and sugarcane.

Lucky Monkey Inn: this popular roadside tavern and inn is located on the Rockdale Road, halfway between Sasserine and Caldera. It also houses a shrine to Ethenghar.

Redgorge: (pop: 1,200) located south of Caldera, this village was the first Ralani settlement in this region. On the borders of the village, a ruined line of fortifications known as the "Basalt Bastions" once protected the settlement, but their massive walls are now abandoned and covered with vines.

Sasserine: (pop: 22,326) a thriving seaport and the largest human settlement in the Rockdale region. The city is located two days west of Caldera via the Rockdale Road.

Local History

The modern day city of Caldera has a long and distinguished history; stretching back nearly 4,000 years ago. Long before the first Ralani colonist stepped foot on the Continent of Azoria, this dormant volcano was home to two earlier civilizations. The city's history can be broken down into three separate eras.


Colony of Sha'Dur

The first recorded settlement founded in this volcanic crater was called "Nas'Krii;" a colony of the ancient nation of Sha'Dur. 4,000 years ago, in the distant years of the Third Age, it is said that the Shadurians hired dwarven crafters to help build the meticulously crafted, malachite-flecked walls of Caldera, and within them, built a beautiful city of marble, brass, and polished stone. At the same time the walls were being built, the dwarves built a lair for themselves, directly under the city, called Jzadirune.

Shadurian society was extremely advanced, and the few surviving records from this era tell a story of a city filled with powerful magic, arts, and culture. As testament to their ingenuous building skills, several Shadurian era structures in the city have survived to the present day, including both City Hall and the Temple of Nerydia.

Nas'Krii prospered for many centuries under Shadurian rule, until the year 660/4, when the city was captured by the Eloysian Empire, as part of its brutal campaign against Sha'Dur, launched by Mazur the Destroyer.


Subject of the Eloysian Empire

When Sha'Dur was conquered by the Eloysian Empire in 660/4, the Shadurian colony of Nas'krii was also captured, and its population became imperial subjects. Over the following centuries, both the city population and its culture became dominantly Eloysian, and the small city became a remote, yet important, outpost of the Empire.

The imperial city of Nas'krii was ruled by the Eloysians for many centuries, and gradually became a important northern trading center for the Empire. Sadly, the Eloysian Empire itself began to wane around the fifth century of the Sixth Age. In those waning years of the Empire, the city of Nas'krii was invaded and destroyed by a mysterious foe; leaving only its dwarven-crafted walls standing, and 1,757 years of Eloysian rule over the city came to an abrupt end.

Fall of Nas'Krii

Around the year 485/6, the Eloysian city of Nas'Krii was destroyed by an hostile invasion. Because so many records of the late imperial period have been lost, sages have been unable to unravel the mystery regarding the fall of the city; other than its entire population was either slain or taken as slaves, and that the invaders burned the city itself and then abandoned its ruins.

Sages have been put forth several theories as to what destroyed Nas'Krii; a hostile Warlord, or a Gnoll invasion. Some have even suggested a force of evil, aquatic creatures crawled out of the volcanic lake in the city's center and devoured the entire population. The true cause remains a mystery.


Present-day Caldera is established

The ruins of Nas'krii did not remain vacant for long. Only eighty years after its destruction, the ruins were discovered by a group of Ralani colonists, led by Surabar the Spellmason and a group of adventurers, whom are known today as "the Founders."

Surabar was originally part of a group of Ralani colonists who had sailed south from the kingdom of Ralas to flee the War of the Celadon that was raging at that time, on the Continent of Corwyn.

Some of these colonists later settled in the neighboring village of Redgorge. When Redgorge was attacked by Nabthatoron and his hordes, the recently-founded settlement was badly damaged. By the year 565/6, Surabar and his colonists abandoned their new home and settled in the ruins of Caldera, after driving out the Gnoll and Tasloi tribes which were infesting them. Soon after, a new settlement was founded here, which Surabar aptly named: "Caldera."

The colonists then began rebuilding the ruined city, and it has grown from there until the present day. Over the last 700 years, Caldera has become a thriving Ralani city-state and one of the wealthiest trade centers in the Rockdale region. The legacy of those "Founders" is still seen today through their descendants; the "Five Families" of Caldera.