Calegorax was an ancient, powerful Red Dragon who led an alliance of evil Chromatic Dragons against both the Elder-Elves of Ectharë and the races of Metallic Dragons during a War which lasted thousands of years.

At the Battle of Merizath, the evil dragons were defeated and Calegorax was slain in combat by the Elvish Champion; Ainurion Alessarë. As he lay dying, Calegorax uttered a famous curse that no elvish kingdom would ever prosper on Corwyn. Even today, Most elves and most other races believe that his curse came true.


Legend has it; the skull and bones of Calegorax were left to rot at the very spot where he was slain by the sword of Ainurion. Centuries later, the bones were fashioned into a bridge over the northern section of the newly-created Grôn Chasm.

Those magically fashioned bones still exist today, in the form of the infamous Bridge that stretches across the chasm into the land of Drakhara.



Not all the bones were used for the bridge, however. After his death, the soul of Calegorax was trapped in seven artifacts called the Dragonshards;

The Elder-Elves knew well the danger and power of these artifacts. Therefore, to keep them safe, the Elves scattered these seven relics into seven hidden crypts, spread across the continent of Corwyn.