Cape of Black Ice

The Cape of Black Ice is located at the far southern tip of the continent of Avokhar.

The Cape was first discovered in 379/4 by King Axilar Sanborn of Ralas, who successfully navigated it. The waters in this region are quite treacherous. This treacherous southern arctic waterway is the only route between the kingdoms of western Corwyn and the Seven Cities of Brass.

It is also the only trade route between East and West Corwyn, other than overland via the Eldaran Isthmus. The cape is the only location where the two great oceans of Wyn Myr and Vhan Myr merge with the Sarn Myr, the frozen southern ocean below the continent of Avokhar.

The cape is named for the great chunks of ice that float in the region, and there is very little light, so the ice appears black, even in the grey light of day.