King Caronius Del Vecchio

King Caronius Del Vecchio was the fifth and last monarch from the Eastern Del Vecchio Dynasty of Thûle.

In the year 43/5, King Caronius was slain during the Battle of Ralansyr. In the ensuing chaos, Lord Mordred Mankhari saw his opportunity and seized power. His knights killed Caronius' wife and her three children.

Within weeks, a dozen of the fallen king's brothers, sisters and cousins were executed as well. Only a handful of Del Vecchios escaped by fleeing into exile. One of these was Cassius; a young boy who was nephew to the late monarch. To prevent his murder at the hands of Mordred's agents, the boy was was whisked away by ship and fled into exile. Cassius lived out his life in Orel, and his descendants remained there for generations.