King Casperian Rilsav

Casperian Rilsav was the last ruler of the Kingdom of Rilsavar, and a bitter rival of Erin Fremantle during the Wars of Destiny.

Casperian, too, had fought bravely in the War of the Pretender, and helped to defeat Alokkair. He believed that it was his "Destiny," not Erin's, to become the supreme ruler of the Vaas peoples. In fact, this is how the ensuing Wars of Destiny came to be named.

As a member of the ruling House of Rilsav, Casperian took for himself the title of "King of Rilsavar." The Kingdom of Rilsavar was, in reality, little more than a militaristic city-state, centered around its namesake.

However, when Empress Ravinia threw her financial and military support behind House Fremantle, Casperian and his claim were ultimately doomed. Despite hardships, Casperian and his forces successfully resisted Erin and his allies for twelve long and bloody years.

Finally, In the year 15/5, Casperian was slain by Erin Fremantle, during the Battle of Axbridge. Shortly after, his city surrendered to Lord Erin and eventually became part of the fledgling kingdom of Erindar.

Casperian was the leader of the entire Vryne Clan, and his followers capitulated soon after his death.