King Castenar Durethë

Castenar Durethë was the founder and first monarch of the eastern kingdom of Thûle.

Castenar had previously been the ruler of East Eldara. In the year 1202/4, he rebelled against his own father Arathar and the Royal Eldaran court in Eldarand.

In the war that followed, Castenar gained a reputation as both a brilliant military leader and a heartless tyrant. During the war, Castenar’s army captured the Eldaran city of Ordana, butchered most of its inhabitants, and then had it burned to the ground. Soon after Eldara offered terms and Castenar became the first ruler of a completely independent kingdom he named: Thûle.

After his victory over his father, Castenar made the city of Durendar his new capitol, and assumed the Thûlian Obsidian Throne in 1209/4. Castenar continued to rule his new kingdom until 1225/4.

That year, he ordered his father poisoned out of fear that Eldara would try to reconquer its lost eastern territories on the Kratheri Peninsula. King Arathar IV died in his sleep from the poison, but his son was so overcome with grief and guilt over the plot, he committed suicide a few days later.

After his suicide, Castenar was succeeded on the Obsidian Throne by his 8-year old son; Celtighar. Castenar was the first monarch of the Eastern Durethë Dynasty.