Castle Arianna

Castle Arianna is a vast and magnificent fortress constructed of white stone, polished brass, and solid gold fixtures, that serves as the royal seat of the Orellian Monarchy, as well as the meeting place for the Oramar Assembly.

Originally built in 1254/4 by King Rygar Alesard, and named after Rygar’s eldest daughter; this fortress is both impregnable and extremely opulent, built with the untold riches of the Oramar nobility. The castle was built to house not only the royal family, but the Orellian king’s personal guard, and the audience chambers of the Oramar. Castle Arianna is located on a tall hill overlooking the city of Ordana.

Within the Great Hall of this magnificent, opulent castle is the famous Gilded Throne of Orel.

Since it was built 1,920 years ago, Castle Arianna has been home to 75 different Orellian Monarchs: