Castle Celadon

Large fortress located in the southern-most region of Erindar, at the northern edge of the Celadon Forest. Castle Celadon guards an important junction of three important roads; the Axeway running north and south between Ilnavar and Skarlahn Feyr. Second, the Traders Road leading south from the city of Gresham ends here. Third, the Olde Peninsula Road running northeast from the city of Korthos ends here as well.

The castle was built in the Fourth Age by the kingdom of Ralas to guard the passage over the Withered Mountains, and caravans heading south toward the city of Korthos. History and politics caused the fortress to change ownership over the centuries.

Today, Castle Celadon is manned by soldiers of Erindar to guard their border with Serathyr, and is considered their furthest southern outpost.