Castle Everwind

Located on a towering cliff, overlooking the city of Tymor, Castle Everwind is the royal citadel of the Kingdom of Rennsfar.

Castle Everwind was built in the year 553/6 by King Alaron Baranthyr; after the dissolution of the kingdom of Ralas resulting from the War of the Celadon.

Lord Alaron desired a royal citadel for his family that would easily rival the ancient stronghold of Iron Crown Keep, and no expense was spared in its construction. When completed, the imposing castle was both luxurious and impenetrable.

Within the Great Hall of this castle is the famous Emerald Throne that Alaron ordered installed there. Like much of the castle, the Great Hall is open to the air. Constant breezes, coming off the ocean below flow through the hall, have given the fortress its famous moniker.

Since its construction 694 years ago; Castle Everwind has been home to 24 different Monarchs of Rennsfar: