Castle Everwind

Castle Everwind is the Royal palace of the kingdom of Rennsfar; located on a tall sea-cliff overlooking the city of Tymor.

Castle Everwind was built in the year 553/6 by King Alaron Baranthyr; following the dissolution of the kingdom of Ralas after the War of the Celadon. Alaron wanted a fortress that could rival the ancient Ralani stronghold of Iron Crown Keep, and he soon got his wish. The castle is a magnificent fortress; both luxurious and impenetrable.

Within the Great Hall of this castle is the famous Emerald Throne that Alaron ordered built long ago as a testament to the wealth and power of Rennsfar.

Since its construction 694 years ago; Castle Everwind has been home to 24 different Monarchs of Rennsfar: