Castle Everwind

Castle Everwind is the Royal palace of the kingdom of Rennsfar, located on a tall sea-cliff, overlooking the Rennsfari capitol city of Tymor.

The castle was built by King Alaron Baranthyr following the dissolution of the kingdom of Ralas in 553/6. Alaron wanted a fortress that could rival the ancient Ralani stronghold of Iron Crown Keep, and he got his wish. The castle is a magnificent fortress; both luxurious and impenetrable.

A total of twenty-four Rennsfari monarchs have lived here over the last 694 years. Castle Everwind was home to the five monarchs of the Baranthyr Dynasty over 121 years, until 674/6, when King Anrahal was slain during the Battle of Krell, ending his line. The castle then passed to King Althorn Garistano, and his family, who have had possession of the fortress for the last 573 years. Everwind has been home to nineteen Garistano monarchs.

Within the Great Hall of this castle is the famous Emerald Throne that Alaron ordered built long ago as a testament to the wealth and power of Rennsfar.