Castle Greyguard

Located along a steep cliff jutting against the Sea of Ralas, Castle Greyguard is a large and imposing fortress, which serves as the western edge of the Kerak border wall.

The fortress was built by the Ravinian Empire during the early Fifth Age to protect caravans traveling east and west on the Eldaran Isthmus. Today, the fortress serves the Kingdom of Eldara as a crucial defensive strong-point against any potential Vilzari invasion.

It is said the soldiers of Greyguard "keep vigil on the desert." For directly to the south, lies the Sea of Sand and the barbarians-hordes of the hated Vilzari. The castle is vitally important as the furthest western border outpost for the Eldaran army. The site of the castle was chosen because, unlike much of the regional shoreline, the coast here is made up of chalky white limestone cliffs, towering one-hundred feet tall. Down below, the seas crash violently against the jagged rocks, making it impossible to flank the edge of the wall via land.

The garrison keeps constant vigil on both land and sea, and a great watch-tower is built into the cliff-side for observers to see far into the Sea of Ralas, lest a Vilzari invasion fleet try to slip by, heading north. Greyguard also contains a large stable of the fastest horses Eldara has to offer; for messengers to ride hard and give warning to the Eldaran cities of Sathay and Rin Falar in the event of an attack.


Built in the shadow of the northern side of the castle is a small town. This settlement, called "Sandy Point," is a rest stop for travelers upon the Isthmus Road, which passes here on its route between Sathay and the Gateway Keep.

Unlike in Imperial times, when thousands of soldiers were quartered here; today, the garrison numbers only 500 troops.