Castle Halberon

(Cordova Palace) the royal citadel of the kingdom of Erindar, located within the center of the Erindari city of Chelstad. This castle, originally called the Cordova Palace, was built by the King Erin of the Flanäe Dynasty in 14/5, and the fortress was home to twenty-four monarchs over 648 years.

After the War of Succession, the palace came into the hands of the Orsini Dynasty, and was home to Eighteen successive monarchs of this family for the next 391 years. The Cordova Palace was badly damaged during the Halberon Uprising in 423/6, and was eventually captured by the rebels. By order of King Heremmer, it was soon rebuilt, enlarged and renamed Castle Halberon. Castle Halberon was then home to six monarchs of the Halberon Dynasty over the next 149 years, before it came into the possession of the Esuriväe Dynasty, who has held it ever since. Over the last 675 years, twenty-three successive monarchs of this family have made this castle their home. Inside this ancient fortress is the famous Ivory Throne of Erindar.