Castle Halberon

Formerly known as the "Cordova Palace," Castle Halberon is the royal citadel of the Kingdom of Erindar. It is located on a hill overlooking the capital city of Chelstad.

This castle was built in the Year 14 of the Fifth Age by King Erin Fremantle. The opulent palace was surrounded by high, impenetrable walls with many stone towers.

In the year 423/6, the palace was badly damaged by fire when it was under siege, during the Halberon Uprising. After the war ended, King Heremmer ordered the fortress completely rebuilt. He then renamed it: "Castle Halberon."

Inside the Great Hall of this ancient fortress is the famous Ivory Throne.

Since its original construction 1,863 years ago; Castle Halberon has been home to 71 different Erindari rulers: