Castle Ironheart (the "Castle of Dread")

Castle Ironheart is a stronghold of the kingdom of Elyria, overlooking the city of Karthis.

The castle was actually built by Iskari nobles, when the Kingdom of Iskandar occupied these lands during the Karthic Wars after the fall of Karthis.

Construction began in 599/4, Under King Ilnavel Cyrenäe IV. The castle soon gained a terrible reputation as a place of torture and imprisonment for hapless locals during the infamous "War of Terror." It gained the moniker; the "Castle of Dread."

When the Iskari were overthrown by Magnus Gildayne during the "great Uprising" of 853/4, the castle was captured after a long siege.

Today, the castle serves as a bitter reminder to the Vaas of a time when they were under foreign control. Accordingly, the fortress is considered by many locals to be cursed. Castle Ironheart is currently is used by the Kingdom of Elyria to guard both the city and the southeastern regions of the kingdom.