Castle Ironfist

Royal citadel of the kingdom of Eldara. The fortress is located in the center of the Eldaran capitol city of Eldarand. Currently, this large fortress is home to the royal family of the Vesarë Dynasty. This enormous castle was built in 24/4 by King Eldan Durethë to serve as his home. The castle went on to serve forty-one monarchs of the his family over 1,233 years, before it passed to the Arellani Dynasty and housed eighteen monarchs of that family over 462 years. The castle then came into the possession of the Terathë Dynasty and was home to nine monarchs of that family over 199 years. Lastly, the fortress has come into possession of the Vesarë Dynasty, which still uses it today. Fifty-five successive members of this family have ruled from this castle, and enjoyed its impregnable defenses over the last 1,256 years. Within this impressive fortress is the famous Iron Throne of Eldara.