Castle Krasdan

Castle Krasdan is an impreganble fortress that serves as the royal citadel of the kingdom of Elyria

The castle located on a large flat hill, overlooking both Elyrian capitol of Rilsavar and the western banks of the Eldir Vaas. It is constructed of white stone and marble, with many tall towers and strong battlements.

Over the centuries, the castle has been enlarged and rebuilt several times. Today, it is one of the largest fortresses on the Continent of Corwyn; home to King Ramelos Whitacre, his family, and a strong garrison of over 1,000 soldiers.


Castle Krasdan traces its history back to the early Fourth Age, when it was constructed by King Fergus of the House of Rilsav; the founder of the "Kingdom of Rilsavar." For several centuries, the castle was the stronghold of the Rilsav family, and survived several long sieges; it was attacked by both the hated Iskari and rival Vaas Warlords.

The fortress later played an important role in the Wars of Destiny and was destroyed during that conflict. After the conflict ended, the burned-out shell was given over to Lord Krasdan; a close ally of King Erin. He rebuilt the fortress and it became home to the House of Krasdan for over 600 years, until the outbreak of the War of Succession.

in the year 32/6, the royal family of Queen Elwyn Fremantle moved here from the Erindari capitol city of Chelstad, at the conclusion of the War of Succession.

Within this castle is the famous Darkwood Throne, which the Queen chose as her new seat.

Since Queen Elwyn took possession of this castle, it has been home to forty-five different Elyrian monarchs from three separate dynasties, over the past 1,215 years: