Castle Myrdon

Located on a broad hill in the center of the city of Alenthas, Castle Myrdon is considered the grandest of Corwyn’s royal fortresses. It was once the Imperial Palace and home of Empress Ravinia.

Castle Myrdon was built in 1166/3 by King Eradan Myrnäe. During the period of the Ravinian Empire, the castle was home to the Immortal Empress as well as the Myrnäe family. During the period of the Ravinian Empire was castle was extensively rebuilt and expanded. The famous domed tower was added, where the Empress ruled the Empire from under the ‘Imperial Dome.’

The famous Raven Throne was moved from the Great Hall of the castle to the Imperial Dome, where the Empress sat for over 500 years. After the Cataclysm, the castle came into the possession of the Alomir Dynasty, which has held the castle ever since.

For over two centuries, the castle held the Lich-King Alokkair as a prisoner until 236/4, when he was able to charm his way to freedom. As a result of that incident, legend has it the castle is still haunted by the ghosts of Alokkair’s victims.

Since it was built by King Eradan, Castle Myrdon has been the seat of power to 107 different Rynnish monarchs and one Empress over the last 3,159 years: