Castle Myrkur

Castle Myrkur is the royal citadel of the kingdom of Gwynne, located within the center of the city of Ashara. Within its Great Hall is the famous Crimson Throne.

This large fortress was originally taken over by Rhodan Mallistäer when he formed the Kingdom of Rhodara, in 38/4, after his defeat in the Twilight War. The castle was built upon the ruins of an ancient Ashanti temple called Myra'kur, that had been destroyed when the Thannish people took control of the region in the late Third Age.

Rhodan was bitter toward his brother who had beaten him and taken most of the best territories of Valdor for himself. Therefore, Rhodan ordered the castle built so large and magnificent that it would rival's his brother castle in Eldarand. For 1,226 years, a total of 52 successive monarchs of Mallistäer Dynasty ruled Rhodara from this castle. That all ended In the year 1264/4, when King Radovan Mallistäer II was killed by the Vilzari at the Battle of Flint Harbor.

The castle was then taken over by King Gayorg Gwyhare. Gayorg ordered the castle enlarged and built many secret dungeons and halls deep beneath its walls, for by this time he was an agent of Alokkair and was actively worshiping sorcery and the dark arts. Unspeakable acts of horror and depravity took place in the castle over the next 25 years. Finally, Gayorg was slain in the Battle of Keslyn, and the city of Ashara was sacked soon after by the Rhodara's enemies. The castle was burnt during the sack of Ashara, and the famous Granite Throne in the Great Hall smashed.

Years later, the castle was rebuilt once again by Grenn Gwyhare and a new throne was fashioned, Grenn called it the Crimson Throne, for his sigil was a gold rose on a crimson field. This opulent throne was set in the rebuilt Great Hall. The castle has served as the royal citadel of Gwynne ever since.

Due to the current poverty of the kingdom, the castle is in a state of disrepair, and many of its rooms are unused.

The fortress has a garrison of 1,500 loyal, well-equipped soldiers; including an elite company of bodyguards called the Sable Company.

Since its construction 3,136 years ago, this massive fortress has been home to 53 successive rulers of Rhodara, followed by another 77 successive rulers of Gwynne: