Castle Myrkur

Located on a large, flat hill within the city of Ashara, Castle Myrkur is the royal citadel of the kingdom of Gwynne and home to its famous Crimson Throne.


This large, ancient fortress has a long history.

In fact, in the Late Third Age, the site upon which the castle now stands was once an Ashanti temple called "Myra-Kur."

When the Thannish began migrating into the region, the Ashanti were driven out, and their temple was destroyed by a Thannish warlord named Gareth Gwynnett.

Gareth then took over the Ashanti settlement of "A'Shorah," which would later become the city of Ashara, and built a magnificent fortress for himself directly over the ruins of the temple.

Citadel of Rhodara

The House of Gwynnett did not hold the castle for long. By the year 38 of the Fourth Age, the region was engulfed by the Thannish Civil War; fought between two brothers: Eldan Del Vecchio and Rhodan Mallistäer. After Rhodan's defeat in that conflict, he chose this fortress as his new citadel when he formed the Kingdom of Rhodara.

To gain possession, Rhodan married Lady Elspeth Gwynnett and essentially took over her family home. For another 1,226 years, a total of 52 successive monarchs of Mallistäer Dynasty ruled Rhodara from this castle. That all ended In the year 1264/4, when King Radovan Mallistäer II was killed by the Vilzari at the Battle of Flint Harbor.

Rule of the Mad-King

The castle was then taken over by King Gayorg Gwynnett; who felt it was his birthright. Gayorg ordered the castle enlarged and also ordered many dungeons, halls, and secret passages dug deep beneath its walls.

By this time, Gayorg was secretly an agent of Alokkair and was worshiping sorcery and the dark arts. Unspeakable acts of horror and depravity took place in the castle over the next 25 years. Eventually, Gayorg invaded the neighboring kingdoms of Eldara and Orel, starting the bloody War of Annexation.

Finally, Gayorg was slain in the Battle of Keslyn, and soon after, the city of Ashara was sacked by Rhodara's enemies. The castle itself was burnt during the sack of the city and the famous Granite Throne within its Great Hall was smashed by the victors. With the fall of Ashara, the War of Annexation ended and the kingdom of Rhodara collapsed.

Citadel of Gwynne

Following that horrific conflict, a new kingdom called Gwynne arose from the ashes of Rhodara. King Gavin Gwynnett; the new nation's first monarch, ordered the ruined castle rebuilt and installed the famed Crimson Throne within its Great Hall, named after his sigil of a golden rose on a crimson field.

Since King Gavin's reign, Castle Myrkur has always served as Gwynne's royal citadel. Today, however, due to the Kingdom's abject poverty, the castle is largely in a state of disrepair and many of its rooms are unused.

The Current Garrison

The fortress has a garrison of 1,200 well-equipped soldiers, plus an elite military unit known as the "Sable Company," who serve as bodyguards for the monarch and his family. The Sable Company consists of 150 extremely loyal knights, who are commanded by Captain Marcus Ezrin.

Royal Residence

Since its construction 3,136 years ago, this massive fortress has been home to 130 different rulers from two separate kingdoms:

Rulers of the Kingdom of Rhodara

Rulers of the Kingdom of Gwynne