Castle Obsidian

The royal citadel of the kingdom of Marundi, which has been the home to all eighty kings of Marundi over the past 1,779 years. The castle is located on a great pillar of black arctic basalt, overlooking the Marundian capitol city of Derilath. The fortress was built in 44/4 by a noble lord loyal to the Marothë Dynasty, and served as a strong outpost of the kingdom of Thalar for 781 years, until the Storm of the North, after which it was abandoned for nearly 570 years.

In 98/5, the castle was rebuilt and expanded by King Kren Alaghon to serve as his royal citadel for the new kingdom of Marundi. The castle served as the home to twenty-five monarchs of his family over 523 years, until the War of the Cataclysm. Afterward, King Leovard claimed it and over the next 683 years the castle was home to twenty-eight monarchs of his family. After the War of Crows, the castle became the property of King Leland and was home to sixteen monarchs of his family over the next 315 years, until King Morland II was slain on a failed expedition to Sol-Kathad. Afterward, the castle became home to King Berand Natharë and has been home to eleven monarchs of his family over the last 258 years.

Castle Obsidian is also commonly known as ‘the Obsidian Fortress’ or simply ‘Blackrock.’ Within its Great Hall is the famous Bearclaw Throne.