Castle Obsidian

Castle Obsidian; commonly known as the "Obsidian Fortress" or simply "Blackrock," is the royal citadel of the kingdom of Marundi.

Castle Obsidian's name derives from the fact that the castle is located on a towering pillar of black, volcanic basalt; overlooking the city of Derilath. The castle is visible for many miles because of its prominent position. Although its stones are dark grey, the castle often appears white because of snow and ice that cling to its walls throughout much of the year.

The fortress was built in the year 44 of the Fourth Age by Derilon Drax, and served his family for centuries. The Drax family lost the castle after they were defeated by Kren Alaghon in the War of the Frozen Snow.

In the early Fifth Age, Kren took the castle as his seat, and it has served as the royal citadel of Marundi ever since.

Today, the castle is considered one of the most impregnable fortresses on Corwyn; within its Great Hall is the famous Bearclaw Throne.

Since it was captured by Kren Alaghon 1,779 years ago, Castle Obsidian has been the seat of power for a total of eighty different Thaldain rulers of Marundi:

Map of the Castle:
1. Outer Gatehouse
2. King's Gatehouse
3. Queen's Gatehouse
4. Guard Towerss (12)
5. Castellan's Tower
6. Prison Tower
7. Chamberlain's Apartments

2. Lower Ward
3. Stables
4. The Gauntlet
5. Observation Ward
6. Duke's Gatehouse
7. Middle Ward
8. Garrison Ward
11. Prince's Gate
12. Upper Ward
13. Great Hall
14. Tourney Ward
15. Chancellor Tower


17. Small Hall
18. Great Hall
19. Tower of the Watch
23. Lower Bailey

24. Great Keep
25. Private Bailey
26. Royal Garden
27. Upper Bailey
28. Middle Bailey
29. Jousting Field
30. Servant / Supply Outbuildings (15)

King's Apartments Queen's Apartments King's Bailey