Castle Teraknian

Castle Teraknian is a vast, ancient fortress, located on a rocky island overlooking the city of Sasserine.

It is said by locals, that Castle Teraknian is not in any of the seven districts of Sasserine, and yet it belongs to all of them. For centuries, This ancient fortress was the seat of the Teraknian Dynasty. The last Teraknian ruler to sit here was Arch-Duke Orren, who was overthrown in a violent rebellion 125 years ago. The castle was then taken over by the Sky-Lords of Kendar.

Most recently, this castle was last used as the seat of Kendari Governor Diego Montravon. After he was overthrown in the Uprising in 1227/6, the castle was again abandoned. As of yet, the fortress has not been re-claimed by any party.

Below the castle are many dungeons and underground passages. The most well-known of these underground passages is the Noble’s Vault; the only portion of the castle dungeons still in use. The Vault has always been a place for Sasserine’s nobility to store valuables away from their personal estates.

Also below the castle are are the Ducal Crypts; the sacred burial chambers for the former members of House Teraknian. This area has been sealed off for a long time.