Castle Terathar

Castle Terathar is the royal citadel of the kingdom of Thûle, located within the center of the capitol city of Durendar.

The castle is a dark place of evil; it is home to many dungeons and torture chambers, and is much feared by both Orellian sailors and by its own people. The castle was built in 1209/4 by Castenar Durethë as the citadel of the realm of Thûle. Within its Great Hall is the infamous Obsidian Throne. The castle served the Eastern Durethë Dynasty for 131 years, serving as home to five different kings. The castle came into the hands of the Mankhari Dynasty in 43/5 and served as home to 49 different monarchs of thar line over the next 1,261 years. Currently this dark fortress is home to the Thûlian royal family of the Kelwyn Dynasty, and has been for 573 years. The castle has housed 40 different monarchs of this family, including King Alogren III.