Celadon Forest

Located in the Marshlands, north of the Reach; the Celadon Forest is the third largest woodland on Corwyn.

This grand woodland is home to many exotic types of woods found nowhere else on the continent. It is also accessible to merchants, unlike the great elvish Melinar Forest, where men dare not tread with axes.

The forest is bordered on the east by the Withered Mountains, and on the west by the Eldir Vaas River. Although much of the Celadon Forest is located in the Reach, it is harvested mostly by Serathian merchants, backed by the power of Serathyr’s military.

This forest also contains mystical herb groves and hot springs that are used by many Ralani people for both religious and spiritual health and rejuvenation. One such noble, the Lady Amarei Baranthyr; once traveled here for a spiritual cleansing, but instead was raped by Prince Drexel Serati, sparking the disastrous War of the Celadon.

The dwarves of the Cairn Mountains make a fortune on their river tolls, which the humans gladly pay to pass their timber barges south down to the coast of the Sea of Ralas. The few scattered baronies and freeholds of the Reach can do little about this situation, much as they would like to.

It is only by the threat of brute force that the Celadon Forest remains a free region of the Reach. Two roads branch off from Castle Celadon and run thru the forest; the Olde Peninsula Road heading southwest to Korthos and the Axeway, heading south to Skarlahn Feyr.