King Celathor Kronehelm "The Avenger"

(321-655/3) Celathor Kronehelm; commonly called "the Avenger," was a great dwarven hero known for his epic quest to recover Val-Khûra stone stolen from Thürgen Feyr.

When the War of Sorrows broke out, Celathor fought in several brutal campaigns against the goblin hordes, and became quite famous for his courage in battle.

In the year 592/3, the city of Thürgen Feyr; the capital of the neighboring dwarven realm of Urkhar, was captured by a goblin army led by Grumak the Skullcrusher, who murdered King Khargan the Luckless and stole his Val-Khûra stone.

The following year, Celathor swore an oath to recover the stone and avenge the dwarves.

He then took a small band of hardy dwarvish warriors deep below the surface. For sixty long years, the dwarves pursued Grumak, in their quest to avenge Khargan and to recover the stolen orb.

In the year 652/3, Celathor finally confronted Grumak and killed him in a ferocious battle. He then recovered the lost Val-Khûra and returned it to its rightful owner.

But the goblins rose into a great rage over Grumak’s death, and soon gathered another vast host and came in search of revenge.

In the fateful year of 655/3, Celathor gathered all the dwarves around him and met the goblins at the epic Battle of the Fiery Gorge.

During this climactic battle, the entire goblin army was annihilated, but Celathor too was slain.

After his burial, the dwarves named Celathor "the Avenger," for avenging the death of King Khargan and recovering the stolen orb.

Five years after his death, Celathor’s son Algathor realized his father’s dream of uniting the three dwarven realms into a single great nation.

That nation, which is called "Orrek," still exists today.