King Celathor Kronehelm "The Avenger"

(321-652/3) Celathor Kronehelm; commonly called "The Avenger," was the greatest of dwarvish heroes. he ruled the Dwarf-realm of Azkar between 436-655/3 as a member of the Kronehelm Clan.

In 436/3, after the death of his cousin King Vholnir the Tireless in the early days of the War of Sorrows, Celathor was named the new king of Azkar. After ascending the Anvil Throne, Celathor continued to be a great warrior and ably led his people against the goblin hordes for 219 years.

When the neighboring dwarf-city of Thürgen Feyr fell to a goblin army in 592/3 and its Elatir was captured by the goblins, Celathor swore an oath to recover the stone and avenge the dwarves. In 593/3, he took a small group of dwarvish warriors and went deep below the surface in pursuit of Grumak the Skullcrusher, who had slain King Khargan the Luckless of Urkhar and stolen his Elatir.

After pursuing him for sixty years, Celathor finally confronted Grumak in 652/3 and in a ferocious battle, killed him and recovered the lost Elatir. When Celathor returned to Azkar that same year, he was widely hailed. But the goblins were in a great fury over Grumak’s death and a great goblin army came upon the northern dwarves in search of revenge. Celathor gathered all the dwarves of the three northern realms around him and met the goblins at the Battle of Khonë Valley in 655/3. At that battle, the entire goblin army was annihilated. But Celathor himself was also slain. Celathor got his nickname of the "Avenger," for vowing to avenge the deaths of both King Vholnir and King Khargan; he succeeded in both tasks.

Celathor’s son Algathor the Uniter realized his father’s dream of uniting the three northern Dwarf-realms into a single great power called Orrek only five years later.