King Cerland Norax; "The Mad-King of Marundi"

King Cerland Norax was the mentally-ill ruler of Marundi between 1158 and 1187/6.

Cerland assumed the Bearclaw Throne in the year 1158 as the eighth monarch of the Norax Dynasty.

During his 20-year reign, King Cerland committed many bizarre and cruel acts against both his neighbors and his own subjects.

In the year 1167/6, Cerland started the disastrous Border War against Ammarind, which cost his kingdom thousands of lives and much territory.

Later, in 1184/6, he launched a series of bloody raids against the H√ľornen tribes of the Northern Wastes.

This bitter fighting, which came to be called the War of the Bloody Snow, lasted between the years 1184 and 1187/6, and caused untold death and suffering among the northern barbarians.


Today, most sages refer to Cerland as the "Mad-King of Marundi" because it is clear he was completely insane.