Sasserine: Champion's District

Champion’s District towers over Sasserine’s western skyline, a district of soldiers, gladiators, mercenaries, and warriors who follow in the footsteps of the city’s first ruler: Arch-Duke Viktor Teraknian. Champion’s District has a not so-friendly relationship with the Noble District, and its citizens see themselves as the true and rightful leaders of the city. Most people who live in this district worship at the temple of Etahr.

Champion’s District’s representative nobles are the Lorchesters, old blood who have been established in Sasserine nearly from the city’s foundation. The family’s patriarch, Neldrak Lorchester, is generally thought to be a bit too scheming for his own good. The Lorchesters have recently clashed with Cudgel District’s Taskerhill family over ownership of Thunder River Lumber. Closer to home, they’ve been at odds with another Champion’s District noble family, the Toregsons. Rumor holds that the source of the conflict between the Lorchesters and the Toregsons has something to do with the Smith’s Guild.

Also of note in Champion’s District is the Kendar Embassy. This relatively new structure is the home of one Antero Alresian, an ambassador to, what some would say, untrustworthy Republic. Alresian’s presence in the city, and in Champion’s District, has been nothing but positive on the surface; he’s donated a fair amount of resources to public works, and the Embassy has an open door policy for visitors. Still, memories of the Uprising are still fresh, and rumors abound that the Embassy is nothing more than a front used by the Kendarum to lull Sasserine into a false sense of security for an upcoming assault from the sea, that will land the city back in chains for another century.

Gladiatorial Challenges:

The Sasserine Arena is one of the more popular entertainment venues in Sasserine. Fights are scheduled at minimum once per week by an organization of mercenaries, hunters, and explorers known as Zelkarune’s Horns. Fights in the Sasserine Arena are generally not to the death, but are often deadly.