(population: 52,000) This enormous city is the capitol of the kingdom of Erindar and its largest city. Chelstad is located along the Thryme River in central Erindar. The city has high walls to protect its subjects and within its center is the imposing Castle Halberon. This gargantuan fortress houses the Erindari Royal family; the Esuriväe Dynasty. Chelstad has always been the wealthiest Vaas center of trade and commerce due to its trade with the dwarves of the Grey Mountains, the Halflings of Grenshire, and other human civilizations of the West. The city is accessible via river barge as well as the Kingsway, which connects it to the city of Gresham to the west and the Alvernian city of Marigold to the east.

The city of Chelstad is currently governed by Duke Karl Greskin. The city is also home to a mysterious wizard named Godrenn.