The chimera is a powerful magical beast that is a combination of three different creatures: a dragon, a goat, and a lion. Although typically un-intelligent, chimeras are self-aware creatures, with a limited capacity for language. If the creatures speak, the language is usually Draconic.

A chimera has the hindquarters of a goat, the forequarters of a lion, and a set of dragon wings. Additionally, a chimera has three heads; that of a horned goat, a lioness, and a dragon. The goat head was often white or black in color, though in both cases it was marked by red eyes while the lion head exhibited green eyes


All chimeras have access to an array of various abilities. Each of the heads is capable of a unique attack, but the most dangerous by far was the dragon breath of the chimera's draconic head. The exact attack varied from one individual to another, as in dragons, with the type varying based on color. For instance, a chimera with a white dragon head would cast a breath of cold air, while one with a red dragon head would bellow forth scorching flames.


Like many other magical beasts, the Chimera was created long ago by the Shadurian wizards of the Iridescent Order.