Dwarf-Realm of Chokar

Chokar was an ancient Dwarven nation located in the Axehead Mountains. Today, it is part of Orrek.

Chokar was founded in the year 757/2 by Dwarf-King Gromnir the Invincible. Gromnir hailed from the Inorlaiken Clan, and was crowned after he conquered and eradicated the many goblin tribes dwelling in the Axehead Mountains.


Chokar was the second united dwarf-realm to be founded in the north, and was located the furthest east on Corwyn. Chokar was essentially a city-state of the large dwarvish city of Arkan Feyr. The northern dwarf-realm of Chokar lasted for 1,439 years and nine Dwarf-Kings of the Inorlaiken Clan ruled from the Greystone Chair in the city of Arkan Feyr.

The end for this Dwarf-realm came as a result of the War of Sorrows. When the goblins invaded the north in 409/3, the dwarves of Chokar soon banded together with both of the other northern Dwarf-realms to defeat them, but 250 years of warfare left their realm weak and desperate.

In 660/3, the weakened Dwarf-realm of Chokar merged with Urkhar and Azkar to become the mighty Dwarven nation of Orrek.


The ancient Dwarf-realm of Chokar encompassed the entire Axehead Mountains. Its emblem was a golden star over twin golden axes on a gray field.