Dwarf-Realm of Chokar

This ancient dwarvish civilization was founded in 757/2 by Dwarf-King Gromnir the Invincible of the Inorlaiken Clan, after he conquered and eradicated the many goblin tribes dwelling in the Axehead Mountains. Chokar was the second united dwarf-realm to be founded in the north, and was located the furthest east on Corwyn. Chokar was essentially a city-state of the large dwarvish city of Arkan Feyr. The northern dwarf-realm of Chokar lasted for 1,439 years and nine Dwarf-Kings of the Inorlaiken Clan ruled from the Greystone Chair in the city of Arkan Feyr. The end for this Dwarf-realm came as a result of the War of Sorrows. When the goblins invaded the north in 409/3, the dwarves of Chokar soon banded together with both of the other northern Dwarf-realms to defeat them, but 250 years of warfare left their realm weak and desperate. In 660/3, the weakened Dwarf-realm of Chokar merged with Urkhar and Azkar to become the mighty Dwarf-realm of Orrek.

The ancient Dwarf-realm of Chokar encompassed the entire Axehead Mountains. Its emblem was a golden star over twin golden axes on a gray field.