Chronology of Corwyn

What follows is a time-line of important historical events on Corwyn, divided by the six ages of history. Not all events are recorded here, but these important dates and events that helped shape the world at the time are included below:



1: First migration of elves to the continent of Corwyn. Elvish ships land at Wyn Falas.
125: The race of elves makes contact with the race of dwarves.
180: The Synfari; the elvish council of wizards is founded.
306: Elf-King Elegheron anointed to rule Ectharë.
344: The Synfari discover that Mount. Orendren is the magical epicenter of Corwyn.
410: The elves bargain with the dwarves to craft four large elvish cities.
560: The Elf-city of Astrakan completed
749: Elf-city of Saravôsh completed.
860: Elf-city of Therakan completed.
955: The Synfari fortress of Erôn Mystarë completed.
993: Elven capital city of Elutheria completed. Elf-realm of Ectharë reaches its zenith.
1011: The elves form an alliance with the race of dragons.
1075: War of the Dragons. Calegorax the Dragon-Lord attempts to overthrow the elves and control their magical secrets.
2650: Elvish exploration and settlement of the entire continent completed.
5028: Battle of Merizath. War of Dragons ends. Calegorax curses the elves while dying. Elf-King Ainurion slain.



232: Under pressure from the Synfari, the elves of Ectharë refuse to give the gift of magic to the dwarves. The dwarves are offended and become bitter.
537: War of Wrath. Lorynäe Anarivon revolts against Ectharë by murdering Elf-King Starion. East Corwyn conquered by the Dark-Elves.
543: The Dark-Elves make Saravôsh their capitol.
550: The dwarves of the north refuse to aid the elves in their war.
620: The Dark-Elves begin breeding the hybrid race of Gauth to fight the Silvar-Elves.
663: Velenkhür Clan founds Dwarf-realm of Azkar, under King Vharig the Conqueror.
672: Krandåhk Clan founds Dwarf-realm of Urkhar, under King Kyros the Proud.
744: Therakan besieged by Dark-Elves. The elf-city is badly damaged
757: Inorlaiken Clan founds Dwarf-realm of Chokar, under King Gromnir the Invincible.
850: Elves of Ectharë enlist the aid of men to combat the Dark-Elves. Humans are taught use of arms and magic.
880: Arvedui Clan founds southern Dwarf-realm of Khûrzhad, under King Tharan the Strong.
920: All seven tribes of western men ally themselves with the elves and march against the East.
925: Vorheis Clan founds southern Dwarf-realm called Kharos-Thûngol, under Martog the Wise. City of Skarlahn Feyr built.
983: Synfari creates the Council of Sorcerë to control the use of magic by humanity.
1011: Siege of Saravôsh begins, led by Elf-King Ismelian.
1036: The Battle of Saravôsh. The Dark-Elves unleash spell that blocks out the sun for over a year, leads to the desolation of the entire eastern portion of the continent, and creates the enormous Grôn Chasm. Both the elvish army and the city of Saravôsh are destroyed. Elf-King Ismelian slain.
1077: The Empire of Shorafa founded by its first Pharoah; An-Arak. Dawn of the Shorafi civilization.
1100: Dark-Elves begin to change their appearance and their culture. Most begin to show black skin and white hair. Many begin to emigrate beneath the surface of Corwyn.
1357: The Dark-Elves and their Gauth and orcish allies begin final invasion of the West. The Elf-capitol of Iskarynë and Erôn-Mystarë destroyed.
1395: Elves of Ectharë begin final campaign to eradicate all Dark-Elves on the surface of Corwyn and cleanse the East of their evil.
1427: The Dark-Elves begin their final descent underground, but leave a strong rearguard of Gauth and Dark-Elf warriors behind.
1541: Battle of Grôn. War of Wrath ends. Last Dark-Elves driven underground. Elf-King Talarion Brightstar slain. Ectharë collapses into three groups: Thekarë in the North, Melinarë in the south, and Wyntharë in the West.



35: Thekarë is given the task of protecting West Corwyn from a return of the Dark-Elves, and the evil human races of the East. The Wood-Elves strengthen Therakan and keep constant vigil on the East. The High-Elves strengthen Melinarë, the Grey-Elves build Wyntharë
99: Council of Sorcerë rebuilds the ancient elvish fortress of Erôn Mystarë. It is garrisoned by Wood-Elves from Thekarë.
150: Alokkair the Sorcerer rebuilds Erôn-Mored and befriends eastern settlements of the Üthrari.
180: The first human settlements of the Vaas appear in the Highlands. They are soon befriended by the Dwarves of Azkar
200: The Council of Sorcerë masters all the knowledge of both the Synfari and the Dark-Elves.
225: The Council of Sorcerë completes the nine Saar-Stones. The stones are given to the heads of each magical school.
243: Alokkair, desiring the secrets of Erôn-Mystarë, begins breeding orcs for military service.
252: Battle of Orgorod. Alokkair assaults Erôn-Mystarë. Races of elves and dwarves come to the aid of the Saar. Dwarf-Kings Theron Redbeard, Kelthor Hammerhand, and Vorlag the Venerable are all slain. Elf-prince Arkelion and Elf-Kings Meleraf and Ectharion are slain. Alokkair defeated and believed slain.
260: The Council of Sorcerë completes the Phylactery of Stars, which the Council will use to create ever more powerful artifacts.
287: The Council of Sorcerë completes the nine Silvarils. The Elf-realms of Thekarë, Wyntharë, and Melinarë each receive three Elf-Stones.
325: The Council of Sorcerë completes the five Elatir. The Dwarf-realms of Azkar, Chokar, Kharos-Thûngol, Khûrzhad, and Urkhar each receive a Stone.
397: The first of several orc invasions of Silvarwood occur. Thekarë weakened.
409: War of Sorrows. The goblin tribes unite and attack the three Dwarf-realms of the North.
436: Dwarf-King Vholnir the Tireless of Azkar slain. Kronehelm Clan succeeds the Velenkhür Clan as the ruling house of Azkar.
470: Siege of Arkan Feyr by the goblin army of Gordak the Merciless.
527: The Siege of Arkan Feyr is broken By Gorn the Defiant. Gordak and his five sons are slain.
569: Grumak the Skullcrusher; grandson of Gordak, becomes the new Chieftain of the northern goblins. His army invades the western Dwarf-realm of Urkhar.
575: Siege of Thürgen Feyr by Grumak’s goblin army.
592: Thürgen Feyr falls and its Elatir captured. Dwarf-King Khargan the Luckless slain by Grumak, who then takes the Elatir deep underground.
652: Dwarf-King Celathor the Avenger slays Grumak the Skullcrusher and recovers the lost Elatir.
655: Battle of Khonë Valley. The War of Sorrows comes to an end. Dwarf-kings Goran the Steadfast of Chokar and Celathor the Avenger of Azkar are slain.
660: Algathor the Uniter unites the three Dwarf-realms of the North into a single nation called Orrek. He becomes its first king.
731: The Hakeen land on the western shores of the Vhan Myr, found city of Zhin.
750: The elvish vigil on the East begins to wane. Elves withdraw from contact with other races. Thekarë begins to decay.
785: Dwarf-city of Crôm Feyr completed.
884: The Great Rift occurs. An entire region of Corwyn falls into the sea during a huge earthquake. The human city-state of Asgamoth, the Dwarf-city of Orthan Feyr, and the Elf-city of Selunë are all destroyed. An Elatir is lost with Orthan Feyr. Dwarf-King Thorabard; the Drowned-King of Khûrzhad dies.
925: Silvar-Elves abandon the city of Alarë.
942: The Council of Sorcerë discovers that Alokkair is alive, and behind the orc invasions of Thekarë and the goblin invasion of the Dwarf-realms.
949: The Council of Sorcerë begins sending agents far into the East to watch Alokkair.
950: Grey-Elf kingdom of Wyntharë begins to decay. The Grey-Elves begin to leave Corwyn and sail west to Eryn Norvë, led by Elf-King Ajathar.
956: Relgathor the Far-Sighted; son of Algathor, decides to sponsor a large Dwarf-expedition to the Salakrün Mountains to begin a campaign to conquer them. King Relgathor’s cousin Haskanar the Bold is chosen to lead the expedition.
967: Haskanar and the Durthas clan set out to conquer the Salakrün Mountains and eradicate any goblins living within them.
987: Southern Dwarf-realm of Kronar is founded, under King Haskanar the Bold. The goblins are driven from the Salakrün Mountains.
1006: The Hakeen expand their holdings west to the eastern shores of the Grafenmyr. They soon found the Xholar Empire. The city of Ashkavan becomes its capitol.
1022: The Dwarves of Kronar discover a vast supply of Bloodstones, deep within the Salakrün Mountains.
1044: The Dwarves of Kronar complete the great stone city of Krone Feyr.
1000: Wyn Falas is completely abandoned by the Grey-Elves.
1085: Ilvanos discovers the Continent of Corwyn, and the abandoned elvish city of Wyn Falas. He meets Arcelor for the first time.
1099: The Council of Sorcerë completes the twelve Itharils. Two Seeing-Stones are given to the dwarves, two to the elves, and seven to humans. One is kept by the Saar.
1137: Ilnavel leaves Iskandar for Corwyn with fleet of 1,000 ships. The Continent of Iskandar is devastated by Skyfall; a catastrophic meteor shower. The Iskari Empire is destroyed. The Fleet lands on Corwyn that same year.
1163: Alokkair orders series of orc-raids to weaken the West. Seven great human warriors stand out as heroes in these raids, become known as the Seven Champions of the West.
1155: King Valden Durethë founds the Thannish kingdom of Valdor, soon his two sons Eldan and Rhodan begin quarreling.
1170: The Council of Sorcerë completes seven magical swords called the Melanthir. Their purpose is to defeat Alokkair.
1174: Seven Champions of the West are given their Melanthir Swords by the Council of Sorcerë.
1175: War of the Melanthir. Alokkair invades the West. First Alliance formed between men, elves, and dwarves. Erôn-Mystarë and Krone Feyr besieged.
1179: Battle of Thürdrum. War of the Melanthir ends. Alokkair captured. The seven champions of the West are allowed to retain their Melanthir swords.



5: Rynnish army of Eradan Myrnäe drives the last of the orcs and Gauth from the Saugreth-Muir mountain range.
7: Kingdom of Alveron founded by Aeryn King Eradan. Castle Myrdon becomes its capitol.
15: Kingdom of Amar founded by Amari King Edric Fortress of Athos-Sorel becomes its capitol.
19: Kingdom of Cyrendar founded by Iskari King Ilnavel. Abandoned Elf-city of Wyn Falas becomes its capitol
27: Kingdom of Thalar founded by Thalari King Algerd. Ancient abandoned Dark-Elf fortress of Sol-Kathad becomes its capitol.
31: Kingdom of Ralas founded by Ralani King Athrenar. Seaport of Rastios becomes its capitol.
33: King Valden dies, kingdom of Valdor destroyed by the Twilight War.
38: Twilight War Ends. Valdor breaks into two new kingdoms: Eldara; ruled by King Eldan, and Rhodara; Rhodan.
179: Under King Aron, Eldara begins to expand eastward across the sea, colonizing the western shore of the Kratheri Peninsula.
187: Kingdom of East Eldara founded under Prince Daghon. Thannish city of Durendar becomes its capitol.
193: Kratheri city of Jareesh falls to the Eldarans, Prince Daghon slain.
221: King Osric of Amar sends Duke Elroth Penrose to colonize East Corwyn.
224: The House of Penrose founds the eastern cities of Khorlanis and Sirilath.
229: The last Kratheri stronghold surrenders to East Eldara.
232: Kingdom of Adar is founded. King Elroth Penrose anointed by King Osric of Amar, city of Sirilath becomes its capitol.
236: Alokkair is released from prison by King Elmar of Alveron.
238: Alokkair makes his way secretly into the East and disappears.
269: Battle of Kuldhûr. Adar defeats the last of the orc tribes.
272: First appearance of Alokkair at the royal court of Adar.
276: Alokkair becomes influential advisor to the Adari kings.
286: Battle of Zorath Valley. Adar defeats the Kurandians. The city of Nakata is captured by the Adari. Kurand sues for peace.
320: The Council of Sorcerë completes the Orenthir. The sage Mischa prophesizes that the stone will be the birthright of the future leader of mankind.
379: King Axilar of Ralas sails south around the Cape of Black Ice and discovers the Eloysians civilization of the Bronze Coast.
389: Adar invades the lands of Üthrar, under the advice of Alokkair.
399: The final Adari campaign against the Üthrari barbarians ends. The Üthrari city of Ul-Karad is captured. This marks the high point of Adari expansion and power. The Adari kings begin construction of a new capitol city in the eastern Saugreth-Muir to be named Adarond.
425: The Kingdom of Eloysia establishes the Eloysian Empire., under its first Emperor; Al’Dur Kharata. Aldurian Calendar established (Year: AR-0001)
430: The Shorafi capital city of Tanif is destroyed in a terrible sandstorm. The Shorafa civilization collapses into bickering tribes of nomads
440: The realm of Adar becomes known as the Realm of the Wolf.
579: Now under the complete control of Alokkair, the House of Penrose begins to breed orcs by the thousands and build fortresses with dark sorcery.
585: Adleroth Penrose is exiled from Adar. He moves his family to the Wildlands to escape the growing evil of the Adari Court, established the Freehold of Dorada
730: Alokkair contacts Z'Kar Z'Runne, an aspiring Vilzari Warlord. He agrees to help Z’Runne conquer his Vilzari rivals in return for a secret military alliance
740: Vilzari tribes finally unite under the leadership of powerful warlord Z’Kar Z’Runne. The Vilzari become a threat to Corwyn for the first time.
742: Strong organized Vilzari raids into Eldara begin.
744: A Vilzari army captures and burns the Eldaran city of Rin Falar, and carries thousands of its people off as slaves. King Agathar II of Eldara forced to flee north.
785: The Storm of the North. Alokkair unleashes furious period of arctic weather. North Corwyn becomes completely isolated from the rest of the continent.
825: The Storm of the North ends. The kingdom of Thalar is destroyed, as are both its cities of Al-Enoth and El-Gerath. King Edgerd III of Thalar is slain and his Melanthir lost. The Thalari fortress of Sol-Kathad falls.
830: First appearance of Ice Wraiths in the Northern Wastes.
935: Death of Dwarf-king Arvegorn Kronehelm, known as the ‘Barren-King.’ King Marothor of the Vraiken Clan replaces him as king of Orrek. With this shake-up in their leadership, the northern Dwarves begin a long period of internal squabbling and isolation.
976: The First Great Plague of Adar infests western Corwyn. Thousands die from famine and disease.
1068: Iskari Civil War begins when King Ilcanar is poisoned by Alokkair’s agents. The country dissolves into four competing factions.
1079: Dwarf-realm of Kronar is invaded and destroyed. The dwarf-city of Krone Feyr falls after long siege.
1087: Iskari Civil War ends. King Ikharos Blackburn unites the Iskari nobles under one banner once again.
1142: Second Great Plague of Adar infests western Corwyn.
1202: First Eldaran Civil War. Prince Castenar of East Eldara revolts against Eldara, then under the ruler ship of his own father, King Arathar IV.
1209: First Eldaran Civil War ends. Prince Castenar wins independence, forms his own kingdom called Thûle. City of Ordana burned.
1233: Wood-Elf realm of Thekarë is destroyed, along with its capitol city of Therakan. King Anarion of Thekarë is slain. The Elf-city of Malanäe is abandoned.
1239: First Hüornen War. Hüornen barbarians invade kingdom of Amar, but are defeated.
1240: War of the Corsairs. The kingdom of Ralas is attacked by a fleet led by the Pirate-King of Tar Vielca.
1243: First War of the Pale. Orcs invade kingdom of Amar
1244: Battle of Rastios. War of the Corsairs ends. King Malenvar III of Ralas is lost at sea, along with his Melanthir sword..
1246: Second Eldaran Civil War. Duke Rygar Alesard of Ordana declares independence from King Hagar II in Eldarand.
1248: First War of the Pale ends. All orcs driven out by Amari armies
1248: Battle of Stonehedge. Second Eldaran Civil War ends. Rygar Alesard crowned first king of Orel.
1251: Alzakar K’Noth takes control of all Vilzari tribes after murdering the last warlord of the Z’Runne Clan.
1254: Battle of Stonehedge. Second Eldaran Civil War ends. Duke Rygar Alesard is victorious and forms a new kingdom called Orel.
1256: The Incursion Wars begin. Vilzari tribes led by Alzakar K’Noth invade Eldara. Melinar, Orel, and Rhodara come to Eldara’s aid.
1257: King Hagar II of Eldara slain in Vilzari ambush and his Melanthir captured. King Dareon assumes the throne of Eldara.
1258: First Incursion War ends. Alzakar defeated and retreats south across the desert.
1259: Second War of the Pale. Adar again occupies the Pale
1260: Rygar’s War. Thûle invades the fledgling kingdom of Orel by land and sea.
1263: Second War of the Pale ends. Orcs are driven into the East by Amari.
1264: Battle of Naskan Bay. Rygar’s War ends. The Thûlian fleet is defeated by the Orellian naval forces of King Rygar.
1264: Battle of Flint Harbor. King Radovan II of Rhodara slain by Vilzari.
1269: Second Incursion War. Vilzari tribes, led again by Alzakar K’Noth, attack the southern regions of the kingdom of Eldara. Rhodara, Orel, Melinar once again come to Eldara’s aid.
1271: Second Incursion War ends. Alzakar and his Vilzari armies are again defeated and retreat across the desert
1275: Third War of the Pale. Orcs defeat the Amari and occupy the Pale. Athos-Sorel is besieged.
1277: Third Incursion War. Vilzari tribes, led once again by their leader, Alzakar K’Noth, attack the southern regions of the kingdom of Eldara. Alveron, Orel, Rhodara, and Melinar come to Eldara’s desperate aid.
1278: Second Hüornen War. Hüornen barbarians again invade kingdom of Amar, but are narrowly defeated.
1279: Battle of Relanoth. Third Incursion War ends. Alzakar K’Noth and . King Gayorg assumes the throne of Rhodara.
1280: Siege of Athos-Sorel lifted. Third War of Pale ends. Amari and Rynnish armies drive out the last orcs from the Pale.
1281: King Gayorg of Rhodara begins worshipping sorcery and renounces all treaties with other kingdoms
1283: War of Annexation. Orel is invaded by King Gayorg Gwyharë of Rhodara. The armies of Alveron, Eldara, Melinar intervene on the side of Orel because of the cruelty of Gayorg. Thûle sides with Rhodara.
1287: Battle of Heath’s Dike. Gayorg’s Rhodaran and mercenary army is soundly defeated. Thûle withdraws from war.
1289: Battle of Keslyn. War of Annexation ends. King Gayorg of Rhodara slain by Elf-King Alzeraf of Melinar. The original nobles who followed Gayorg sue for peace. Rhodara breaks into smaller kingdoms of Gwynne. King Dareon Arellani of Eldara slain.
1290: King Relgar of Eldara is given the Rhodara's Melanthir by the King of Orel in thanks for their support in the war. Strong friendship begins between Eldara & Orel.
1293: War of the Pretender. Adar and its orcish, Üthrari, and Kurandian allies invade the West. The Second Alliance is formed.
1297: Battle of the Dawn. War of the Pretender ends. Alokkair slain by King Eromir III of Alveron. King Koroth II of Adar slain. King Maladric II of Amar is slain. The Realm of Adar is destroyed.

5th Age – ‘THE GOLDEN AGE’


14: kingdom of Erindar founded under King Erin Fremantle.
18: Princess Ravinia is born to King Elgor II and Queen Laarinel of Alveron.
35: Battle of Baryn Valley. The Unification Wars begin. The Rynnish armies expel several invading orc-hordes led by King Koroth of Drakhara. King Elgor II of Alveron is slain.
36: Princess Ravinia reaches the age of ascension and successfully completes the trials set for her by the Council of Sorcerë and religious sages. Saar Thromm gives the young princess the Orenthir, and she is proclaimed to be the prophesied Empress of Mankind.
38: Alveron is besieged from all sides.
43: Battle of Ralansyr. The Unification Wars end. King Koroth Penrose and his remaining followers are permanently exiled to the Eastern wastelands. The Ravinian Empire annexes the kingdom of Gwynne as a buffer state to protect its southeastern border. King Caron II of Thûle is slain; is succeeded by King Mordred.
44: The Ravinian Empire is founded with its citadel at the former Rynnish fortress of Castle Myrdon. The prophesy of Mischa is fulfilled.
48: The city of Arynäe begins to be built around the former Rynnish fortress of Castle Myrdon. The city is partially built with the power of the Orenthir.
52: The Council of Theos founded to assist the Empress on matters of spirituality, politics, and wisdom.
58: The Council of Theos authorizes the construction of the first Ravinian temples to glorify the Empress and worship Shua.
69: The Military Council founded to advise the Empress on matters of strategy and war.
75: The lost realm of Adar begins to evolve into seven new kingdoms of men: Drakhara, Zorath, Kurath, Olgara, Orulath, Süroth, and Urgoth.
83: The Empress orders Duke Kren Alaghon to go north and conquer the former territories of the lost Kingdom of Thalar.
98: Kren Alaghon conquers the North, becomes first king of Marundi.
99: Disagreements arise between Sorimmar and the Council of Sorcerë over their role in human affairs.
110: Sorimmar is expelled from the Council of Sorcerë. He is allowed to keep his Saar Stone because of his prior service.
111: Sorimmar is escorted to the East to dwell as ‘Saugreth’ or Outcast.
117: The kingdom of Ralas formally joins the Ravinian Empire.
200: Sorimmar begins construction of the seven Zûlenthir.
220: Sorimmar wins the complete loyalty of the seven Eastern Saugreth kingdoms. King Koroth Donoräe of Drakhal becomes Sorimmar’s Captain-General.
225: Sorimmar gives each of the seven Saugreth kings a magical black Shadow-Stone he has created. The life essence of the seven great kings is imprisoned in these stones and they eventually become wraith-like undead called Zûl.
236: Sorimmar openly declares himself the overlord of Morgoth. Erôn-Mored is expanded and other smaller towers are built to guard the East. The seven Zûl, take complete control of East Corwyn.
251: Erindar formally joins the Ravinian Empire.
252: Sorimmar’s armies besiege and capture the fortress of Erôn-Mystarë; the citadel of the Council of Sorcerë. The Council flees west. The Eluvatar is lost.
307: First Goblin War. Conflict begins deep underground between the races of dwarves and goblins.
310: Cyrendar formally joins the Ravinian Empire.
311: The Üthrari tribes become united under the powerful warlord Zhang the Terrible.
322: Sorimmar sets up his court at Erôn-Mored, the former citadel of Alokkair.
335: The Üthrari begin their long campaign to conquer the Hakeen Empire of Xholar.
370: First Sea War. Orel and Thûle fight a bitter war over sea trade and control over the Sea of Eldara.
371: Battle of Ekkryn Sound. First Sea War ends. King Royce of Orel is lost at sea and is succeeded by Balthizar. Orel becomes the leading sea power on Corwyn.
410: First of seven large and bloody orc raids is launched into Amar, the Pale, and Alveron.
422: First Vilzari War. The Vilzari, under their brilliant leader K’Foth A’Nar, invade the Ravinian Empire from the south. Eldaran King Ragnar II is slain, succeeded by King Träeghar. The Eldaran cities of Sathay, Rin Falar, and the capitol of Eldarand are all destroyed.
424: Second major orc raid into the West
425: Battle of Argrenn. Vilzari advance is halted.
427: City of Ashkavan falls to Üthrari, and their conquest of the Hakeen people is completed. The Hakeen become a slave race of their Üthrari masters.
430: Battle of Herrenden Fields. The Empire defeats both the Vilzari and they retreat into the desert. King Eladan leads an army of 25,000 Imperial troops into the Myr Gelyn to pursue the Vilzari armies of K’Foth A’Nar. The entire Ravinian army is destroyed and the disastrous expedition becomes known as ‘Eladan’s Folly.’
431: Prince Erstan, son of slain King Eladan III, returns to Alveron with his father’s Melanthir sword.
432: Third major orc raid into the West. The Amari fortress of Athos-Sorel is besieged for eight months.
433: The Empress orders the Salkröth gate built across the only pass in the Saugreth-Muir that separates the West from the East.
435: Fourth major orc raid into the West.
440: Second Sea War. A second sea-based conflict arises between Thûle and Orel over supremacy of the southern seas.
445: Battle of the Thronar Islands. The Second Sea War ends. The Thûlian fleet is utterly destroyed.
466: The Empress orders the Kerak barrier wall built across the southern border of the Ravinian Empire to keep out the Vilzari.
478: Fifth major orc raid into the West.
485: Major goblin invasion comes forth from Mystwood. The Pale is overrun.
487: The Pale is retaken by Imperial forces from Amar.
492: Sixth major orc raid into the West.
497: Seventh and last orc raid into the West.
505: The Salkröth is completed, along with a series of fortresses along the Saugreth-Muir and Salakrün Mountain ranges. Tens of thousands of Imperial troops are stationed along the eastern border in a series of small keeps and other fortresses.
521: The Arctic War. The Zûl lead an orcish army from behind the Saugreth-Muir in the north, destroy the cities of Derilath and Khorlanis, and besiege Athos-Sorel.
523: Third Sea War. The Thûlian fleet surprises a large Orellian squadron and destroys it.
524: Siege of Athos-Sorel is lifted, ending the Arctic War. Before they can be completely defeated, the Zûl retreat, leaving only death and destruction in their wake. The war ends with the imperial victory at the Battle of Khorlanis.
525: Battle of Durendar. Third Sea War ends. The Thûlian fleet is defeated.
530: The Kerak is completed, securing the Ravinian southern border.
532: The Great Famine begins. Nearly a third of Imperial population dies from starvation.
536: Second Vilzari War. The Kerak holds, but Rin Falar is besieged for many months by the Vilzari king V’Nor D’Thak.
538: Battle of Eto. Second Vilzari War ends. V’Nor D’Thak defeated and is later murdered by his own men.
544: The War of the Barbarians. The armies of Kurand and Üthrar launch a series of violent raids against the Ravinian Empire.
548: War of the Barbarians ends, with heavy loss of life. The city of Amara is destroyed, but Athos-Sorel holds out for over a year of siege.
556: Third Vilzari War. The Kerak is badly damaged and the city of Rin Falar is destroyed. The Vilzari are led by the Priest-King D’Ruun M’Koth.
559: Battle of Khossen. Third Vilzari War ends. Vilzari Priest-Queen D’Ruun M’Koth is slain.
570: Sorimmar secures alliances with the leaders of Vilzar, Üthrar and Thûle.
579: Fourth Vilzari War. The Vilzari King T’Kar T’Reth invades from both land and sea. Much of Eldara and Alveron are conquered
583: Battle of Naracen. Fourth Vilzari War ends. T’Kar T’Reth captured.
584: The Vilzari king, T’Kar T’Reth is executed for war crimes at Castle Myrdon.
592: Disputes arise over trade routes, tariffs, and unfair competition for goods from the Hakeen island nations in the Vhan Myr.
594: The Merchant’s War. Conflict breaks out between Ravinian Empire and Orel over sea trade routes.
596: Battle of Montero Straits. The Merchant’s War ends. The Ravinian Navy is soundly defeated, and any chance that Orel will join the Empire ends.
599: Malachar Vilmartine; an ambitious but unscrupulous Gwynnish knight, begins to voice resentment about the unfair politics of the Ravinian court and its influence from the church. Sorimmar and Malachar make a pact to destroy the Ravinian Empire.
610: Large incursion of orcs from the East. The orcish army is defeated at the Battle of Corrensyr. The hero of this battle is Lord Malachar. He gains public prestige, imperial favor, and is soon appointed to the Military Council, becomes the Empress’s close advisor.
619: Ravinian high Bishop Deriyan Montessarë discovers Malachar’s plot and denounces him to the Empress. Malachar is imprisoned at Myrdon by Imperial decree and his knighthood removed.
620: Malachar is freed from the dungeons of Castle Myrdon during a daring raid within the castle, led by his loyal soldiers and agents of Sorimmar. Malachar then gains access to the Empress’s bedchamber, murders her, and steals the Orenthir from her keeping. Malachar is forced from the city by loyal knights under King Erondar II, but swears to return and destroy the city in revenge. Upon his return to the East, Malachar gives the Orenthir to Sorimmar. The War of the Cataclysm. Malachar, now in open revolt against Ravinian authority, rallies an army of former Ravinian knights and soldiers to capture the city of Arynäe. Because of Malachar’s alliance with Sorimmar, his rebel army is joined by a massive army from the East, led by the Zûl. The eastern army is made up of Orcs, Kurandians, Üthrari, and Thûlians. From the South, Zha’ar Z’Kreth invades with a huge Vilzari army. The Imperial province of Gwynne openly declares war against the Empress and their army joins Malachar’s forces.
621: The Siege of Arynäe. The alliance of Sorimmar defeats the Ravinian Army, utterly demoralized by their Empress’s death and so many defections. King Erondar Myrnäe II, the Marshall of Ravinia, and over 65,000 of his troops are slain. As he promised, Malachar burns the city to the ground and has most of its inhabitants butchered. The remaining armies of Ravinia are forced into retreat and Sorimmar’s forces overrun much of the Empire, looting and pillaging as they march westward. The remaining armies of the Ravinian Empire, joined by her elvish and dwarvish allies, make a final stand. The armies of Sorimmar’s alliance are stopped and forced back. However, the Ravinian legions are too militarily weak to recapture the majority of lost territory.
622: Athos-Sorel is besieged by orcs and eastern men under command of a Gauth General of Morgoth.
623: Battle of Fessenden. The war is largely a stalemate with Imperial forces trying to regain lost territory.


625: Battle of Harkalad. Elrovar, the only son of King Erondar Myrnäe, the slain Marshall of Ravinia, comes of age and assumes command of the remaining Ravinian forces. Elrovar and the Council of Sorcerë agree to work together to defeat Sorimmar. It is the largest battle in Corwyn’s history. Elrovar’s army prepares for an all-out offensive. During this battle, the Council of Sorcerë successfully use their combined eight Saar-Stones to overcome Sorimmar’s Orenthir. Sorimmar loses the Orenthir and flees the battle. In the heat of battle, seven members of the Council of Sorcerë are all either slain or lost along with their Saar-Stones. Only one Saar member survives; Grafenvär the Grey.
King Elrovar III slays Malachar and briefly recovers the Orenthir himself. Realizing that Sorimmar’s forces are too great, he leaves the battle and rides to the great waterfalls of Herthmar. There, he throws the stone into the falls. Soon after this, Koroth, the leader of the Zûl, pursues and slays him in single combat and departs the field, thus ending the heroic and noble bloodline of Myrnäe. The Myrnäe Melanthir is lost. With their leaders gone, the armies of Sorimmar’s alliance withdraw from the field in defeat. Within a few months, they are pursued out of all Ravinian territory.
626: Pursuing Ravinian armies besiege the enemy citadel of Erôn-Mored and burn it down. In the North, the Siege of Athos-Sorel is lifted. The remaining Easterners sue for peace. War ends with both sides weakened and desperate.
630: The Great Ravinian Empire collapses. The cost of the War of The Cataclysm, along with Empress Ravinia’s death is too great a weight. The Empire has lost its empress, its advisors, and its armies. The Council of Sorcerë is destroyed. The Religious Council of Theos is scattered. The armies of the former Empire are weak and start quarreling with each other. Ultimately, the greater Ravinian Empire will divide into thirteen territories, each under either a surviving Lord Regent, or a surviving King of the Former Ravinian Empire. All cultural and political cohesion is lost.

The War of the Cataclysm has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and wiped out many royal bloodlines: King Elrovar III of Alveron, King Beren III of Marundi, King Cedric II of Amar, King Aden of Eldara, King Gorthon IV of Gwynne, and King Alexian II of Ralas. Many kingdoms of the West come under new ruler-ship. The kingdom of Alveron under King Myonen, the kingdom of Marundi under King Leovard, the kingdom of Amar under King Vhäerik, the kingdom of Erindar under Queen Elwyn, the kingdom of Eldara under King Damion, the kingdom of Gwynne under King Garth, the kingdom of Ralas under King Ronan, and the kingdom of Cyrendar under King Irithar.

With the resolution of the War of the Cataclysm, and the collapse of the Ravinian Empire, thus ends the Fifth Age, known as the ‘Golden Age.'



4: Grand Bishop Deriyan Montessarë dies while completing a new government sanctuary for Ravinian religious culture. His followers create a new state following the model of Ravinia. It becomes a Theocracy run by a Supreme Council of Priests and becomes known as the Realm of Derianor.
8: Lord Tetragon Donoräe, a former Ravinian knight, swears fealty to the new state of Derianor.
9: The burned out Rynnish city of Arynäe is rebuilt and renamed Alenthas.
19: King Myonen, on his deathbed, decrees that Alveron and the House of Alomir will forever be the Guardians of the West It is prophesied that the lost bloodline of Myrnäe will someday return and reunite the West into a new Ravinian Empire.
32: Queen Elwyn fremantle of Erindar is forced to abdicate throne after rebellion led by Eldred Orsini. Eldred succeeds throne of Erindar, Kingdom of Elyria founded by Elwyn.
87: Veiled Society founded by a group of mages to replace the defunct Council of Sorcerë. The society rebuilds the ancient fortress of Erôn-Khorlöth on the Isle of Cynara.
95: The Grey Watchers founded by Vharan Everard.
243: War of the Gelyn. Eldara invaded by the Vilzari. City of Sathay is burned
248: Second Battle of Naracen. War of the Gelyn ends. The city of Il’Vak is partially burned
260: Gwynnish Civil War. Lord Gorion of House Taraghon leads a rebellion against King Garrett Baldurin to usurp the throne.
263: Battle of Ashara. Gwynnish Civil War ends. King Garrett is overthrown and executed. King Gorion Taraghon succeeds Crimson Throne of Gwynne.
350: Eldaran court orders the ancient Kerak rebuilt to protect against the Vilzari. Because of the cost, the project is never completed.
381: Fourth Sea War. War breaks out once again between Orel and Thûle.
384: Fourth Sea War ends at Battle of Durendar. Thûle sues for peace.
392: King Irovar Shalcross II of Cyrendar abdicates his throne and sails across the Wyn Myr in search of lost Iskari Empire. King Iscar Novaro takes throne.
404: Halberon Uprising. Duke Heremmer revolts against corrupt Orsini monarchy.
417: Battle of Raskan. Erindari King Eduard slain by Heremmer's rebel forces.
423: Battle of Cordova. Halberon Uprising ends. King Estris Orsini II slain. Heremmer Halberon claims Ivory Throne of Erindar.
426: Kingdom of Ammarind founded under Amari King Rodrik Kilräen II.
485: War of Storms. Thûle and Orel again struggle for supremacy of the Sea of Orel and Vhan Myr. Üthrar, Rhaygos, and Styr ally with Thûle. Much of the enemy fleet is lost in a series of violent ocean gales.
491: Battle of Shult. War of Storms ends. King Agathar Xantheras II of Orel is slain. Thûle and her allies are defeated. King Byron Zheren assumes throne of Orel.
551: War of the Celadon. Rival nobles from Ralas begin fighting over land rights and the resources of the magnificent Celadon Forest. The rebellion against Ralas is led by Lord Alaron.
558: Battle of Edgecliffe. War of the Celadon ends. The kingdom of Ralas collapses with death of King Durendil II. Island Kingdom of Rennsfar founded under King Alaron Baranthyr. Mainland Kingdom of Serathyr founded under King Kelthorn Serati.
572: King Hernled Halberon of Erindar dies without heir, and is succeeded by King Harkon Esuriväe.
575: The Eloysian Empire breaks up after last Eloysian Emperor; Xion Kharata VII, commits suicide after a long period of madness.
652: The Salkröth begins to fall into disrepair. Alveron on longer can afford to maintain it.
665: Battle of the Salkröth. Rynnish King Thelodren Alomir, and his son, Koradren, are slain by the Zûl. Morgoth now controls the fortress.
663: War of the Saltmarsh. Both Rennsfar and Serathyr are invaded by a fleet of raiders from Vilzar and Tar Vielca. The Rennsfari royal family flees to Rastios. Tymor is conquered and burned, as is the Tower of Athrenar.
668: Battle of Sedgebrook. War of Saltmarsh ends. King Ketharon Serati slain in battle. King Atanamir Sinclair succeeds throne of Serathyr.
670: War of Crows. Sorimmar’s orcs invade the West.
674: Battle of Krell. War of Crows ends. The siege of Athos-Sorel is lifted. Many royal bloodlines are lost in this costly war including: King Ezgur II of Elyria, King Mordecai IV of Thûle, King Anrik II of Ammarind, King Cerland II of Marundi, King Eltheraf of Melinarë, King Gheren III of Gwynne, King Anrahal of Rennsfar, and King Ilathrin II of Cyrendar.
695: Second War of the Saltmarsh. Serathian King Arondel lost at sea in Battle of Alordan with Tar Vielcan pirates. King Damron assumes throne of Serathyr.
697: Battle of Ironclaw Point. Second War of Saltmarsh ends. Serathyr and Rennsfar are victorious.
698: Dwarf-King Durthas ‘Stoneheart’ Durthas reclaims lost city of Krone Feyr.
725: Krone Feyr once again falls. Rhom Durthas slain.
729: War of the Broken Crown. Fleet of Üthrari and Thûlian warships attack Orel. The city of Ormath is burned after a siege.
731: Battle of Herakan Reef. War of the Broken Crown Ends. Orel’s navy destroys both enemy fleets. Thûle and Üthrar sue for peace. King Bryce slain in battle, succeeded by King Larkin.
752: Second War of the Sea Raiders. Both Rennsfar and Serathyr invaded by pirate fleets from Tar Vielca.
757: Battle of Theron. Second War of the Sea Raiders ends. The pirates of Tar Vielca are again defeated. City of Tar Vielca is captured and burned By King Damron of Serathyr.
793: War of Thorns
796: Battle of Toryl. War of Thorns ends.
821: The Forgotten War. Large army of orcs invades Gwynne and Alveron
825: Battle of Agos. The Forgotten War ends, city of Ashara is burnt.
947: War of the Forgotten King. Ammarind and Erindar fight a terrible war for trade rights and territory.
952: War of the Forgotten King ends, with intervention of Alveron on the side of Ammarind and Elyria on the side of Erindar. King Haldric of Ammarind is slain, succeeded by King Khedric.
987: King Morland II of Marundi organizes a campaign to conquer the Northern Wastes and capture the fortress of Sol-Kathad. He and his army travel into the Northern Wastes.
989: King Morland II of Marundi is slain, succeeded by King Berand.
1008: War of the Fallen Crown. Bitter land dispute between the kingdoms of Elyria and Serathyr draws both Cyrendar and Rennsfar into the conflict.
1011: Battle of Anley. War of the Fallen Crown ends. Both sides sue for peace.
1033: The Tunston Uprising. Viscount Silas Tunston of Grüenwald attempts to steal the Darkwood Throne of Elyria.
1036: The Tunston Uprising ends. King Corbray II of Elyria is slain, succeeded by Silas Tunston, who is then murdered in the Night of the Red Knives, and succeeded by King Furion.
1044: War of Tears. Large Vilzari fleet attacks the Eldaran city of Sathay and destroys it, carrying most of its population off as slaves.
1049: War of Tears ends. Eldara’s army and navy besiege and destroy the Vilzari city of Il’Se’Toth. Over 50,000 innocent Vilzari civilians are massacred.
1085: War of Three Kings. King Gregor II of Gwynne invades Alveron over spurned romance. City of Alenthas besieged.
1089: Battle of Harmswood. War of Three Kings ends. Alveron invades Gwynne, which sues for peace. The Boy-King; Galen assumes Crimson Throne of Gwynne.
1100: Rumors that Sorimmar is becoming strong once again in the East are dismissed or ignored by leaders of the West.
1111: King Weyand of Marundi orders large scale and bloody raids into the Northern Wastes to quell the Hüornen tribes living there. The barbarians are driven far north into the arctic.
1127: The Salkröth is secretly rebuilt and strengthened by Sorimmar’s soldiery. It then bars any further inquiry into Morgoth.
1167: The Border War. Cerland; the Mad-King of Marundi, invades Ammarind and besieges Athos-Sorel.
1169: The Border War ends. Marundi is defeated, forced to cede territory, and pay reparations to Ammarind.
1197: Final Goblin War begins. Battle of Bloody Mountain, Dwarf-King Melgathor of Orrek slain.
1210: Lady Jeyne’s War. Orellian Navy destroys a large Thûlian fleet, besieges the city of Durendar.
1211: Lady Jeyne’s War ends. The kingdom of Thûle sues for peace.
1221: The Battle of Pelegroth Valley. The last Goblin War ends. Dwarves of Orrek drive the goblin army out of the Grey Mountains and into the Barrens.
1227: The Winter War. Marundi invaded by Hüornen tribes. King Morland wages bloody campaign of attrition. City of Derilath is besieged, but never falls.
1228: The Emerald War. Rennsfar and Serathyr fight over trade routes and commodities, such as precious gems. At Battle of Kestra, the invading Serathian army is annihilated.King Argilan slain.
1229: Battle of Falkoth Bay. Emerald War ends. Serathyr sues for peace after her navy decimated.
1230: Battle of Frozen Ford. Winter War ends. Hüornen are defeated. Marundi gives harsh terms to the barbarian tribes.


1240: The Wizard Merkrist Genezzer finds the lost Orenthir, which has been lost for over 1,200 years.
1247: The Morgoth War. Battle of Orso, the Alliance is defeated. Sorimmar learns of Merkrist’s secret fortress at Castlemuir, In the Salakrün Mountains. The Zûl are dispatched by the Dark Lord to conquer the fortress, defeat Merkrist, and recover the Orenthir.

The Present…