Cimbar Hills

The Cimbar Hills is a large hilly region located west of the Cyrien Sea and south of the Trusk Mountains. The Cimbar Hills stretch south from the southern foothills of the great Trusk Mountains to the northern coast of the Sea of Orel.

Because this region has always been a hotly-disputed border between the kingdoms of Gwynne and Orel, it is administered as an "Open Territory", jointly governed by Orel and Alveron, and garrisoned by the Rynnish soldiers from Westgard Keep; a vital military outpost and junction for three major roads: the Oramar Road, the Border Road, and the Stoneway.

The Orellian city of Seaforth is located directly south of the Cimbar Hills, at the mouth of the River Cyr as it spills int othe Sea of Orel.