Cleos the Chronomancer

It could be said that nothing is known for certain about the legendary figure Cleos the Chronomancer, or if he existed at all.

Legend has it that Cleos was once a member of the Council of Sorcerë, though not one of the last nine. Cleos supposedly left the Saar council around the same time as Sorimmar (110/5). Some historians note, however, that if he was not one of the Nine, his Saar-Stone would represent Chronomancy; a tenth school of magic. otherwise not known to exist.

Other Titles:

Cleos the Chronomancer is also known as Cleos the Wonderworker, Cleos the Clockmaker, Cleos the Gift-giver, and Saar Cleos in the various tales and legends.


Legends and folklore:

The most common legend tells a tale of a young Thalari man from Norethë who, as a boy, learned the trade of clock-making from his father. Although various stories tell different versions of how it happened, they all agree that for one reason or other, Cleos the Clockmaker found himself, as a young man, in the city of Derilath; the ancient capital of the lost kingdom of Thalar. He became very moved by the abject poverty he saw there, particularly by the plight of the children. All he knew how to do was make fine, intricate clocks and while such skill did nothing to make food or clothing, he was able to craft fine clockwork toys to at least bring hope to the children of Derilath. Unfortunately, King Roland III of Thalar did not appreciate his subjects being emboldened by hope, and he outlawed Cleos and his toys. Cleos was soon banished from the capitol in to the frozen and desolate Northern Wastes.

Whatever else is said about Cleos, he is always portrayed as a kind-hearted person who wanted nothing more than to help others. After leaving Thalar, it is said he sought out a new teacher to learn the craft of magic, so as to help more people. There is nothing in folklore to indicate who might have been his teacher, but his magical path eventuality led him to the Council of Sorcerë. In many stories, he is depicted as the antithesis of Sorimmar; whereas Sorimmar sought to use magic to enslave humanity, Cleos argued that the Council had a duty to help humanity. However, the Council felt that “helping” humanity really meant keeping magic from humanity, as an adult keeps fire away from children. Cleos is said to have disagreed with the Council almost as much as Sorimmar, albeit for the opposite reason, and left under similar circumstances. His role, if any, in The Cataclysm is not clearly described in the legends.

Today, as one would expect, the legends of Cleos are very popular with the children of Marundi. In the modern day, they happily tell stories about Cleos using his time-bending magic to continue to bring toys and sweets and other gifts every winter solstice.