Cora Lathenmire

Cora is a hot-headed swashbuckler and a member of the Stormblades; a group of adventurers based in Caldera.

Cora appears as short, Ralani female, with bright red hair and a stocky build. She displays a number of prominent scars, mostly on her arms but a few on her cheeks and chin. These are presumably battle scars, although she does not talk about them.

Although she does not boast the aristocratic pedigree of the other group members, Cora hails from a family of upwardly mobile weapons traders, and her inclusion in the group only brings further honor and respect to House Lathenmire.

Cora says little until provoked, after which she lets her rapier do the talking. For some time, Cora has been romantically linked to Zachariah Azlaxin, and demonstrates a fierce protectiveness towards her lover.

She seems uninterested in local politics, preferring battle with an enthusiasm that borders on bloodlust.