(population: 37,000) Located in the far southern region of Westvale Island, along the coast of the Iron Sea, Coradan is the fourth largest city in the kingdom of Iskandar.

Although most trade comes in via the harbor, this bustling seaport is also accessible via the Coradan Road which connects it to the city of Erath. The city is a major port as well as the capital of the Duchy of Ghaston.

The city of Coradan is divided into several districts:

  • Noble District: where the offices of government, merchants, and bankers are located
  • The Terraces: A residential area, set into a series of sloping hills on the northwest side of the city
  • Garden District: The wealthiest district of the city, with many opulent palaces and manor homes.
  • The Old Quarter: The poorest part of the city, filled with crowded streets, tenements, and garbage filled alleyways
  • Dockside: The harbor-front of the city, filled with dozens of quays and piers, and dozens of visiting ships.

Coradan is currently governed by Duke Jamis Hanover, who commands a garrison of 250 soldiers to patrol the streets.

Local History

Coradan has a long history, that stretches back to the Third Age. The city was founded by the Cynarans, who at that time were colonizing the entire island of Westvale. As the settlement grew, it became a regional capital of the Kingdom of Urland, home to the Thaindom of Ghaston.

After the conclusion of the Forty-Years War, Herath was conquered by the Iskari, and its last Thain; Edvard, was deposed. The city then became the capital of the newly-established "Duchy of Ghaston."