Battle of Crittendon

(423/6) Crittendon was the site of an epic battle which ended the bloody Halberon Uprising.

The battle, which is infamous for its brutality, was fought between two Erindari factions.

On one side were the Loyalists of the Orsini monarchy and their hired mercenaries.

On the opposing side was the rebel army of Heremmer Halberon.

By the year 423/6, the Halberon Uprising had been going on for over eighteen years, and the loyalist faction was clearly losing.

By the time of the battle, over two thirds of the Erindari noble houses had pledged loyalty to Heremmer.

In the spring, the rebel army finally began their march on the capital city of Chelstad.

As the loyalist army encamped on the fields of Crittendon, the rebels attacked them and gained complete surprise.

The loyalist army was routed and King Estris Orsini II was killed in single combat by Heremmer.

Shortly thereafter, the remaining loyalists and their hired mercenaries surrendered.

It is said as many as 25,000 men were slain that day, three-fourths of the casualties were on the loyalist side.


Heremmer then took over ruler-ship of Erindar, and proclaimed himself king.

King Heremmer was not the forgiving type; after his coronation, he soon ordered the loyalist noble houses banished and their lands seized.

These vanquished nobles eventually joined with Amar to form the kingdom of Ammarind.