The Corsairs are notorious Eloysian pirates hailing from Tar Vielca. For centuries, these pirates have raided settlements along the coasts of the Wyn Myr, the Sea of Ralas, and the Shining Sea.

Most Corsairs are Eloysians, with a trademark shaved head except for a long single hair braid. The Corsairs are also heavily tattooed, and wear silks and leathers instead of heavier armor, for they are foremost a sea-faring people.

Over the years, the Kingdoms of Ralas, Serathyr, Kendar, and Rennsfar have battled the Corsair fleets. The Corsairs were once led by a ruthless leader known only as the Pirate-King; who launched a series of raids into Corwyn known as the War of the Saltmarsh. The Corsairs lost that conflict but returned to wage the Second War of the Saltmarsh.

Even today, the Kendari Navy escorts ships between Stonehaven and Shard because of the threat of these pirates. The Corsairs have even attacked other pirate settlements; including Freeport and Scuttlecove.