King Corvin Crannock II

Corvin Crannock II was the King of Elyria in the year 1008/6, when the War of the Fallen Crown began.

Corvin was a fierce and stubborn man, who was not going to allow King Durand to seize the Greymist Hills without a fight.

Corvin cleverly marshaled his nation's smaller forces; fighting several pitched battles against larger Serathian armies.

But when Iskandar entered the war and King Ilnavel invaded Elyria from across the Iron Sea, Corvin knew Elyria was doomed.

He sent couriers to King Aradan II in Rennsfar begging for aid, and the Rennsfari king soon entered the war on Elyria's side, landing many troops on Elyrian soil and saving the country from destruction.

King Corvin II won five different battles against his enemies, but himself was slain in 1011/6 at the Battle of Anley. He was the twelfth monarch of his Dynasty.

Upon his death, the Darkwood Throne passed to his daughter; Vanessa, who ruled Elyria for twenty-two years.