Battle of Cosgrove

(411/6) Cosgrove is a large village in Erindar that was once the site of a small, but important battle during the Halberon Uprising.

Up until this battle, Heremmer Halberon was considered nothing more than an outlaw, with a band of loyal followers who did nothing more than ambush royal caravans and supply columns.

So it came to pass that Lord Avery Trask; one of King Eduard's nastier enforcers, learned that Heremmer and his band were hiding out in the village of Cosgrove.

Avery; who at the time was the Lord of Daggerford, gathered a force of several hundred soldiers and encircled the village. He and his men then began going door to door butchering the locals in an effort to find their fugitive.

Heremmer did not hide, but instead came out to face Avery and his men. Chaotic fighting broke out in the streets, alleys, and even rooftops; as the soldiers of Daggerford fought against the rebel forces, who seemed to appear from nowhere, shooting them from rooftops, and impaling their horses.

Finally, Heremmer faced down the mounted Avery, who tried to run down his opponent with his warhorse. Heremmer managed to duck, kill the horse and send Avery sprawling onto the cobblestones. As Avery rose, Heremmer cut him down. Avery's remaining men then fled.

Sages agree that only a few hundred people were killed in the "battle," which was really nothing more than a skirmish. But Heremmer's reputation grew larger than life afterward.