Council of Sorcerë

The Council of Sorcerë; sometimes called the "Saar Council," was an extremely knowledgeable and powerful group of nine mages established by the Synfari; the Council of Elven wizards.

The Synfari created the Saar Council to control the human use of the arcane arts, after magic’s inevitable distribution following the War of Wrath. This powerful group of wizards, known as the Saar, would later go on to construct many important magical artifacts for the people of Western Corwyn.

By the end of the Third Age, the council would order construction of the greatest fortress on Corwyn; Erôn-Mystarë, which was built into the base of Mount Orendren, the magical epicenter of Corwyn.

Once ensconsed in their new home, the Saar council created nine Saar-Stones; orbs of enormous magical powers. One stone was made for each of the eight schools of magic, and a ninth for the council leader.

The nine stones harnessed vast magical powers and granted virtual immortality to their nine holders. Each school of magic would provide its most senior wizard to represent the school at the council, and that representative would wield the Saar-stone for that particular school.

The first recorded appearance of the council was in the early Third Age, during which time the council began to use its awesome powers to create many powerful magical artifacts;

  • the Var-Illümen; the "Phylactery of Stars," which was used to enhance the Council's powers and create other, more powerful artifacts.
  • the twelve Itharils; the "Seeing-Stones," which allowed far-away Kings to scry with each other.
  • the nine Silvarils; given to the race of Elves.
  • the five Val-Khûra; given to the race of Dwarves.
  • the seven Elanthir; given to the race of Men.

Throughout its history, the council controlled the use and distribution of magic on Corwyn. Later, during the Ravinian Empire, the council advised the Empress on all arcane matters, and gave Empress Ravinia their greatest creation; The Orenthir; a orb of incredible magical powers that gave her immortality, wisdom, and vast magical powers of her own.



The Council was made up nine members. was divided into nine schools of magic, with special colors worn by mages of each branch. Also listed are the last nine members.

  • Enchantment (yellow robes with gray trim), This sub-school was controlled by Endacil the Enchanter, " Endacil the Yellow"
  • Evocation (brown robes with purple trim), This sub-school was controlled by Metaron the Evoker "Metaron the Brown"
  • Conjuration (red robes with black trim), This sub-school was controlled by Arigold the Conjurer, "Arigold the Red"
  • Divination (blue robes with green trim), This sub-school was controlled by Cyrond the Diviner, "Cyrond the Blue"
  • Abjuration (purple robes with brown trim), This sub-school was controlled by Halakrün the Abjurer, "Halakrün the Purple"
  • Illusion (green robes with blue trim), This sub-school was controlled by Koriel the Illusionist, "Koriel the Green"
  • Transmutation (gray robes with yellow trim), This sub-school was controlled by Grafenvär the Transmuter, "Grafenvär the Gray"
  • Necromancy (black robes with red trim), This sub-school was controlled by Sorimmar the Necromancer, "Sorimmar the Black"
  • Invocation (white robes) This sub-school was controlled by Thromm the Invoker, "Thromm the White"; the Leader of the Council

Problems arose in 110/5 when Sorimmar; the representative of the Necromancy school, desired to dominate, rather than assist, humanity. He was ultimately expelled from the council, along with his entire school.

Because of this feud, the council would be at war with Sorimmar for another 2,000 years before his victory over them and the Ravinian Empire. The council was disbanded after the Cataclysm, and all of its remaining members believed slain.