Crannock Dynasty

The Crannock Dynasty was a line of Vaas rulers descended from King Corvin, who assumed rulership of Elyria in the year 674/6, after the death of King Ezgur Fremantle II during the Battle of Krell.

The Crannock Dynasty ruled Elyria for 362 years and a total of fourteen monarchs sat upon the Darkwood Throne at Castle Krasdan.

The Dynasty ended in 1036/6 when King Corbray II was slain in the Tunston Uprising. The Crannocks were succeeded by King Furion Whitacre, whose descendants still rule Elyria today.

The Crannock Monarchs of Elyria

Corvin 674-709/6
Colmar 709-730/6
Corbray 730-755/6
Carsten 755-781/6
Cyrond 781-817/6 †
Cernan 817-844/6
Castamir 844-872/6 †
Caron 872-903/6 †
Cyrond II 903-940/6
Carsten II 940-952/6 †
Carissa 952-977/6
Corvin II 977-1011/6 †
Vanessa 1011-1033/6
Corbray II 1033-1036/6†