Marshal Cressida Kroft

Marshal Cressida Kroft commands Ashara's City Guard.

Cressida grew up wanting to be just like her father Marsden; who, for many years, also served as an officer in the Asharan City Guard. Upon reaching adulthood, Cressida graduated from the Orsini Academy, joined the Guard, and soon rose up through its ranks.

Five years ago, her father was murdered while investigating a series of deadly attacks. His death had a profound affect upon Cressida, who swore to mete out justice to the ones found responsible. Sadly, despite Cressida' best efforts, her father's murder remains unsolved.

Last year, Lord Delavan appointed her to command the entire City Guard and gave her the rank of "Marshal." Since that time, Cressida has been his principal deputy, but has grown increasingly bitter toward the rising tide of graft and political corruption she has witnessed within her beloved city.

Early in her career as a Guard officer, some of her peers did not respect Cressida, simply because she was a woman. But her nimble fighting skills, and their subsequent scars and broken bones, soon changed their opinions of her.

Marshal Kroft appears as a short, thin-framed woman with jet black hair and emerald-green eyes. She wears an ornate suit of crimson plate mail that once belonged to her father and was custom fitted for her body after his death.


The Ashara City Guard

To police the dark and dangerous streets of Ashara, the city maintains a large and capable force of 400 guardsmen, who are armed with a combinations of spears, short swords, and truncheons.

City Guardsmen wear studded leather armor and pale gray surcoats, emblazoned with their coat-of-arms; a crimson rose upon a gold shield.

As for training, members of the Guard are not true soldiers, but more akin to a police force. If serious trouble arises, Ashara's leaders can call upon the Gwynnish army, which has a large garrison based at Castle Manticore.